10 essential turntable accessories.

How to care for a turntable? Based on the Pro-Ject article, we have prepared a list of necessary accessories for every turntable owner who wants to enjoy an even better sound of vinyl.

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10 essential turntable accessories.

Like any analogue mechanical device, the turntable requires special care during operation.

The foundation of optimal operation of each turntable is taking care of the cleanliness of the cartridge stylus and records. For this purpose, each turntable user should have brushes - separate for cleaning the record and the stylus. In addition, manufacturers offer ready-made record cleaners and special liquids.

1. PROJECT CLEAN IT record brush

Professional, antistatic brush with carbon bristles designed for effective and gentle cleaning of vinyl records.

It will allow you to easily get rid of dust in the grooves of gramophone records and neutralize electrostatic charges. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the fantastic sound without crackling and noise.

2. PRO-JECT CLEAN IT stylus brush

Thanks to the specific arrangement of the bristles, the carbon brush for the Pro-Ject Clean It stylus is great at removing impurities accumulated on the stylus tip.

Cleaning the needle is done by lowering the needle onto the brush; for a better effect, you can lightly (gently and sensitively) press the insert. It is the perfect choice for daily cleaning of cartridge needles.

3. Pro-Ject Vinyl Clean cleaning compound for vinyl inserts and records

Specially developed, effective cleaning compound for vinyl records and gramophone cartridges. The patented formula based on natural dry cleaning ingredients absorbs dust, germs and other particles in a way that is gentle on the records and stylus, leaving no traces.

It reaches even hard-to-reach dirt and can be used repeatedly for up to 8 months after opening. A colour indicator tells you when Vinyl Clean needs to be replaced.

For this, we also recommend PRO-JECT HIFI CLEAN cleaner for Hi-Fi equipment, which removes 99.99% of bacteria. It is used to clean the most sculpted surfaces and crevices that are difficult to reach with traditional methods. The agent does not release moisture and is, therefore, particularly capable of cleaning sensitive surfaces and electronics. This product is reusable until it stops absorbing more dirt.

An alternative to cleaning vinyl records yourself is to use professional cleaning services using an ultrasonic cleaner. We offer such a service in our audio salon. Details:

We invite you to our showroom located at ul. Namysłowska 19 in Poznań, where, in addition to professional cleaning of records. You can also count on professional advice on purchasing audio equipment and participate in free auditions before purchasing.

4. PRO-JECT SWEEP IT S2 Vinyl cleaning arm

The Sweep It cleaning arm allows you to clean and listen to the record simultaneously. It is enough to place the arm in one of the corners of the turntable base so that the cleaning arm is placed in front of the stylus. In this way, the grooves will be cleaned just before the cartridge can receive its recorded content.

Turntable calibration, clamps and additives to improve sound quality.

In order for the turntable to operate properly, it must first be calibrated with the cartridge. For this purpose, several accessories are necessary: ​​counterweight, spirit level, measuring scale, and template. In the further part of the turntable accessories ranking, we describe tools that help properly calibrate the turntable and improve the sound quality of the played disc.

5. Plate clamps from Pro-Ject

Record clamps, also known as gramophone weights, are the subject of numerous discussions, mainly due to the issue of straightening records and the possibility of damaging the turntable. We discussed the topic of clamps during the last event in our audio showroom - the Week with Pro-Ject, and then there were heated discussions about this audiophile "gadget". After adding the clamp, the sound became even more free and livelier, and the low frequencies gained even more control. The use of a clamp makes the record more stable on the platter and is better loaded, which has a positive effect on reducing vibrations. This can result in cleaner sound and reduced distortion.

However, we emphasize that before buying a clamp, it is worth paying attention to how much free space we have between the record and the bottom surface of the closed cover to avoid the situation, as mentioned earlier and damage to the turntable. In turn, we can also encounter another problem using cheap clamps of unknown brands. This applies especially to those with a large mass. They are sometimes made of ferromagnetic materials, which can cause unpleasant noises when using the turntable.

Pro-Ject offers various models of vinyl record clamps, e.g. DynaVox PST 330, RECORD PUCK E , and the CLAMP IT model.


6. PRO-JECT DAMP IT anti-vibration pads

These high-end damping feet can significantly help when your setup is set up on a surface like in our studio. Damp consists of a high-tech synthetic rubber material that attenuates a wide range of frequencies from infrasound up to 500 Hz and thus effectively prevents the transmission of sound from the structure.

If we are talking about accessories that absorb harmful vibrations, it is also worth equipping yourself with anti-vibration platforms and specialized turntable stands.


7.Pro-Ject MEASURE IT II Scale for adjusting the stylus pressure

A precise electronic scale for measuring the pressure of the stylus on the gramophone record is necessary to calibrate the gramophone cartridge properly. The device allows you to set the appropriate pressure of the needle on the record. Thanks to it, we will avoid problems such as skipping tracks, excessive abrasion of the stylus and record, and poor sound reproduction. It lets you measure the 0 - 5.0 grams needle pressure. Among the scales for setting the needle of the Pro-Ject brand, we also have Pro-Ject MEASURE IT E .

8.PRO-JECT LEVEL IT spirit level for setting the level of the turntable

A spirit level is one of the necessary accessories to set up the turntable properly. Turntables should always be placed on a flat surface. Proper placement will ensure proper arm function. With this spirit level, you can easily check your turntable is level. Level It is a spirit level made of wood; it allows you to perfectly set the level of your turntable, table or anti-vibration stand.

9. PRO-JECT LEATHER IT Leather mat

The antistatic and anti-resonant Pro-Ject Leather It mat is carefully made of high-quality leather. The floor mat adheres well to the record's surface, has a good friction coefficient and a structure that suppresses resonances. Thanks to these properties, it can be the first and easiest way to improve the sound quality of a turntable - especially in combination with a stabilizer. An alternative to the antistatic leather mat is a cork or cork-rubber mat.

10.Oil for lubricating the turntable bearings

The turntable is a delicate instrument and requires proper care. The motor moves the platter, so the grease is used up in the bearing. Many factors, such as climate and humidity, greatly influence this. For this reason, it is difficult to determine the recommended time for fat recovery. It is best to keep the bearing permanently lubricated.

Lubrication of the turntable bearings with Lube oil is recommended to ensure proper mechanism operation and protect it from wear.

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