4 Reasons Why Sharara Sets Should Steal the Spotlight in Your Wedding Wardrobe

Spotlight in Your Wedding Wardrobe

Mar 31, 2024 - 18:37
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4 Reasons Why Sharara Sets Should Steal the Spotlight in Your Wedding Wardrobe

The stage is set, the preparations are underway, the invitations are out – wonderful wedding season, here we come! It is the time of the year when celebrations are on a high, and romantic memories woven for eternity. The blissful period of nuptial is upon us, and the search for the perfect outfit is in full swing.  

Lehengas and sarees are the crowd-favorites for a reason. They’re timeless and showcase elegance without fail. Carrying the same elegance and heritage flair is the bedazzling Sharara set. The ethereal ensemble is a direct derivative of the humble kurta set, featuring a flowy kurta paired with wide-legged bottoms. This tradition-imbibed silhouette has been a mainstay of women’s wardrobe for years and deservingly so.  

Sharara Suits presents a unique amalgam of comfort, style, and heritage. Their versatility is hardly talked about. It excels in situations that call for glamour and when you want to sport understated elegance. Here are four reasons why you need to add sharara suits to your all-star wedding wardrobe. 

  1. Undeniable Comfort for Wedding Festivities 

Wedding celebrations consist of long, soulful events that go on for days. Sarees are the first outfits that are associated with wedding festivities because of their cultural significance. However, they require constant draping and restrict easy movement. Sharara sets, however, feature knee-length kurtas, making way for easy movement. The sharara pants, with a fitted waist and flared legs, give a flattering grace to your outfit. These factors make it an easy choice when it comes to attending traditional ceremonies or dancing the night away. 

  1.  Elegance for Every Wedding Occasion: 

When you consider other ethnic wear options, you think of versatility. Sarees are a good measure of versatility, but lehengas not so much. The sharara set is an immensely versatile piece that can transform the style for various functions. Choose lighter shades, which can be paired with minimal jewellery for daytime festivities and opt for heavily embellished pieces in vibrant colors for events under the moonlight.  

  1. Designer’s New Favorite 

Sharara suits are widely known to be the age-old heavily embroidered silhouette. Modern designers are now reimagining the outfit, giving it a dash of modernity and building on its flair. Sharara sets with intricate, dainty embroidery are becoming fashionable, while contemporary prints and embellishments call for an alternative look. Experimental bodices, asymmetrical Kurtis, and capes, all add a newer dimension to the attire.  

  1. An Ode To Heritage 

No discussion about the sharara goes without mentioning its ties to history. The antiquated silhouette goes back to the Mughal era, being worn by royal families. It was the distinct marker of grace and sophistication. This bit makes all the difference when choosing a sharara suit for the wedding season, as it reflects the cultural importance of the outfit. Aided by luxurious fabrics and intricate details, it is bound to evoke a sense of pride while wearing it.  

Embrace the Sharara Trend: 

The Sharara set offers a striking combination of versatility and comfort. The sarees and lehengas do deserve their place in your wardrobe, however, the sharara suit offers a different dimension to your wedding trousseau and becomes a cherished part of your ethnic wear collection. 


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