6 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2023

View examples of how 6 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android, ranging from picture editing to drawing, make the most of the additional screen area on Android tablets.

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6 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2023
Photo Editing Apps For Android 2023

6 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

Altering photos My preferred tool for editing family photos is an Android tablet because the large screen makes it easy to view every detail. It's useful for taking shots of my son with his eyes closed or for quickly tweaking settings like vibrance and brightness.

Android is continuing to collaborate with developers to adapt their creativity apps for large screens as new tablets hit the market, including the Pixel Tablet and the recently unveiled Samsung Tab S9 series. Android tablets are a fantastic tool for expressing your creativity, whether you want to take better family photos like me or want to try your hand at video editing, drawing, painting, or sketching.

LumaFusion, Concepts, Google Photos, Sketchbook, Adobe Lightroom, and Canva are the best photo editing apps for Android we're spotlighting today that you may use on your Android tablet to maximize your upcoming creative endeavor.


One of the most well-known video editing programs, LumaFusion, is now accessible on Android tablets. To ensure that the Android version of LumaFusion is of the highest caliber, the company hired a group of qualified Android developers. On Android tablets, LumaFusion provides a thorough video editing experience with tools including editing up to six video tracks, an improved magnetic timeline, and the capacity to cut, copy, and paste between projects.

On an Android tablet, a video is being edited with Lumafusion.


Concepts is a sketchbook app with a vector interface that resizes to match any Android screen size and functions well with a pen. Concepts wanted to make sure that using a stylus was as natural as writing with a pen. To minimize the time between the stylus tip and the lines written on the Concepts canvas, the firm employed Android tools and platforms.

According to David Brittain, CEO of TopHatch, the company that created Concepts, "Android's tools and platform are making it easier to address the variety of screen sizes and input methods."

On an Android tablet, the Concepts app shows a drawing of a sneaker design.

Google Photos

Google Photos is a fantastic tool for organizing and editing photos, and because of its multi-column tablet layout, you can view more of your photos simultaneously on a bigger screen. When editing a photo, you'll notice a new side panel with helpful ideas and basic tools that streamline the process. You can also effortlessly drag photographs across your screen and drop them into the other app if you're using Google Photographs in split screen mode alongside another app like Gmail that supports drag and drop.

On an Android tablet, Google Photos is being used to modify a picture.


The drawing, painting, and sketching app Sketchbook has a simple tablet user interface that won't interfere with your drawing. The program has a full set of configurable brushes and can be resized to fit any screen size. With an Android tablet and a pen, it is now possible to see your brush strokes before you draw them by hovering the stylus over the canvas. You may produce drawings that are more exact by doing this.

On an Android tablet, the Sketchbook software displays a drawing of a pencil case.

Lightroom by Adobe

Popular picture and video editor Adobe Lightroom makes use of all the extra space on a tablet so you can edit your photos precisely. If you press and hold on the tablet's touch screen, you can view the image both before and after your modifications. The software offers a vertical navigation bar for all of your editing tools. For people who enjoy taking RAW images on their Android devices, Adobe Lightroom also allows you to edit RAW files.

On an Android tablet, Adobe Lightroom is being used to edit a picture.


The drag-and-drop feature has been added to Canva, a graphic design program for altering your photographs and videos, making it easier for users to swiftly add information to their projects. If Canva is open in split-screen mode, you may drag and drop anything from your uploaded files or programs like Google Photos and Chrome. On larger screens, Canva modified its layouts to include a vertical navigation bar, giving you more room to work with.

On an Android tablet, the Canva app's design tab is visible.
Now that Google Play has been revamped to make it even simpler for you to locate the finest new apps on larger displays, you can find these apps there. sketching software

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