How to Boost Your Instagram Account?

Having a high engagement rate is the primary goal of users on social networks because it is synonymous with attractiveness, popularity and therefore profitability.

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How to Boost Your Instagram Account?

In order to grow an account, it is imperative to maximize its Instagram engagement rate. Having a high engagement rate is the primary goal of users on social networks because it is synonymous with attractiveness, popularity and therefore profitability.

So, we share with you the ways to increase your Instagram follower's engagement rate.

Interact with other Instagram users

Before your posts on Instagram, be sure to pay attention to content shared by other users, especially those who talk about the same things as you. The principle on Instagram is to obtain subscriptions from your own subscriptions. It's a virtuous circle that goes a long way towards giving your Instagram account a favorable position on the web.

However, the goal is neither to get engagement from any account that shares similarities with yours, nor to engage with all accounts on Instagram. It is also necessary to sort the accounts according to the contents which are similar, belonging to the same domain. In your approach to optimizing engagement on Instagram, you need to stay consistent.

Use the right hashtags to get discovered

We start from the premise that the use of hashtags contributes greatly to the promotion of your account on the web. We recommend to be careful about the choice of those to affix on the posts because to certain hashtags are attached more or less publications according to the cases. Your post is more likely to be noticed and liked or commented on if you choose the hashtags that generate the most reactions

Write persuasive and captivating captions

As the public is easily attracted by content containing captions, their use is therefore recommended because the advantage with the algorithm is that the number of reactions generated by a publication defines its positioning in the sharing made by the application.

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These small indications not only allow you to put the images back in the right circumstances but also to set the tone corresponding to your mood. In the end, they make your content more meaningful and evocative of interest.

When describing your captions as spoken, you have the choice of making them spread out or keeping them short and concise as long as they add the most to your photo. You have plenty of time to use humor or, conversely, to be more serious.

In order to make your Instagram caption even more impactful and attractive, whatever your choice of elaboration, your objective is to encourage the audience to identify contacts likely to appreciate the content by asking questions. Your captions are what will help you get extra likes and comments.

Respond to comments from your Instagram followers

Instagram is a social network whose vocation is to create exchanges between users. Consequently, the basis is to respond to comments in order to generate traffic and make your comment appear at the top of your subscribers' feeds . Instagram will then identify the content that has caught the most public attention by measuring the volume of exchanges caused and reactions generated. So, even if you have a lot to do at the same time, as soon as you are notified that a message lands on your account following a publication, give yourself a few minutes to write a cordial response.

Publish quality content at the right time

Strategically, you have to find the best time to post on Instagram in order to have an impact on the engagement rate. In order to define the right moment, you can use the Instagram insights tool and then try the scenarios. You will follow your trends to recognize the ideal niche of publication according to the location of your target audience. This can be a little inconvenient for you at times.

Dedicate yourself to Instagram Stories

It is also possible to increase Instagram engagement on Stories. You can take the initiative to draw attention to new posts using Instagram Stories and positively impact your engagement. There are a multitude of ideas aimed at innovating on Stories in order to stun the public.


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