Expert's guide to fixing the QuickBooks payroll error PS036

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Expert's guide to fixing the QuickBooks payroll error PS036
QuickBooks payroll error PS036

Users depend on QuickBooks to fulfill their accounting operations and conduct day-to-day activities. But they can encounter bugs while working on QuickBooks. One such error is the QuickBooks payroll error PS036. This error can cause hindrance in your payroll update process. The users should note that having an active payroll subscription is essential to carry out any function during the update process. So in case the payroll subscription is inactive, the error can show up. The error will show certain signs on your screen. Out of which one sign is your active windows will begin to crash. Apart from this, we will also mention other fixes to help you rectify this error from your desktop. You can continue to read the blog and implement some fixes to eliminate the error quickly.

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Contributory causes behind the QuickBooks payroll update error PS036

We have listed a few causes for you that can be the reason behind the QuickBooks error PS036. You can have a look at them.

  • The error can emerge due to an incorrect service key and employee identification number (EIN).
  • This payroll error may arise if the version of QB desktop you are using does not support your version of Windows.
  • As previously stated, this error can appear if you have an inactive payroll subscription.\
  • Data loss is another reason the QuickBooks payroll update error PS036 could occur.
  • This error can arise if a current payroll agreement is active with an inactive direct deposit.
  • A damaged file in the CP folder can also bring on this error in your QB.

What are the after-effects of the QuickBooks error PS036?

  • The error may have a negative impact on system and application performance.
  • If the application doesn't work correctly, you'll need to perform the reinstallation procedure.
  • Operating your program may become problematic if it becomes stuck due to the error.
  • Windows could start to crash.
  • The users must fix the QuickBooks error PS036. They can only access their payroll after that.

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How can we eliminate the error PS036 when updating payroll to the latest tax table?

You can go through the solutions below and implement them on your desktop to rectify the error PS036 when updating payroll to the latest tax table. Make sure to follow the solutions step by step. But before you troubleshoot this error, you can check your internet connection. See if your internet connection is unstable and is causing this error on your desktop. Also, if you do not update your QuickBooks, it can trigger bugs on your desktop. So check for the updates for QuickBooks and Windows and perform regular updates. 

Solution 1: Correct the employee identification number

  • Select My Company from the company menu. In the company information, click edit.
  • Click Company Information, then type the new EIN into the Employer Identification Number field.
  • Finally, tap on okay.

Solution 2: Look for the incorrect service key in your QB

  • Start QuickBooks, then select the Employees menu. Select My Payroll Service and press the Manage Service button.
  • To remove the incorrect service key, click on remove. Now add and enter the correct payroll service key.
  • As soon as the payroll update pop-up opens, tap next before selecting okay. Verify that all service statuses are active and click okay.

Solution 3: Perform an update on your QuickBooks

  • Launch QuickBooks and select the File tab. Then, select Close Company/Log Off.
  • From the file tab, select the exit option.
  • Click the run as administrator option by right-clicking on the QB icon in this stage.
  • When QuickBooks pops up, no company opens, tap on help, and then choose Update QuickBooks.
  • Pick Mark All from the options menu, then click Save. On the update now tab, select the Reset Update checkbox.
  • When the update now option appears, select Get Updates and close QuickBooks.
  • Launch QB, then select yes to install the updates. After the update ends, restart your system.

Solution 4: Do a clean installation of your QuickBooks

  • Access the control panel by tapping the start menu. Pick the option for programs & features.
  • To uninstall QuickBooks, select it and then click on uninstall/Change. When the procedure has ended, restart your system.
  • After reinstalling QuickBooks, enter the correct registration and licensing numbers.
  • By now, the QuickBooks error PS036 should be fixed.

Solution 5: Run 'quick fix my program' from the tool hub

  • You must download the tool hub if you do not already have the tool hub on your computer.
  • Go to the downloaded file and follow the on-screen directions to get started.
  • Double-tap the icon to launch it after the installation is finished. Navigate to the tool center and select program problems.
  • Select Quick Fix My Program and give it time to run. Try to update the tax tables in QuickBooks now.

Solution 6: Delete the entitlement client file

  • Select the Microsoft Start menu. To access the run window, type run into the search bar.
  • Enter in C:\ProgramDate\Intuit\Entitlement Client\V8, and, moving forward, tap on enter key.
  • Now enter C:\ProgramDate\Intuit\Entitlement Client\V6 if the folder does not appear automatically.
  • To delete a file, locate EntitlementDataStore.ECML and use the right-click menu.
  • Selecting yes will confirm your action. Launch QuickBooks and follow the on-screen prompts to re-register it.

Improvise the other solutions if the above solutions cannot help you fix this error on your QuickBooks desktop.

Solution 7: Alter the paysub.ini file name

  • Change the Windows folder settings. Open my computer and select Organize.
  • Choose the view tab after searching and clicking on the folder.
  • Select Show hidden folders, files, and Drivers after choosing Show Hidden Files and Folders from the menu.
  • Hit apply, followed by okay. Find Paystub on my computer by clicking on it.
  • Right-click on the Paysub.ini file to rename it after you've found it. Replace the word "ini" with ".old" and rename the file.
  • Check whether the error occurs after repeating these procedures for each paystub file.

Solution 8: Check the subscription of your payroll

  • Launch QuickBooks and sign in to the payroll service account. Select My Payroll Service from the Employee page.
  • Click on the account or billing information. Type your credentials for login.
  • Restart the computer and attempt to download the updates. Access QuickBooks and verify that the PS036 payroll error is now fixed.

Solution 9: Move to selective start-up mode to install QuickBooks

  • Tap the Windows + R key to open the run tab. Type MSConfig and press Enter after.
  • In the freshly opened tab, tap on the general tab. Select the option to load system services and select start-up.
  • After selecting Hide all Microsoft services on the services page. Now select disable all.
  • Uncheck the Hide all Microsoft services option. Make sure the Windows installer is chosen, then click OK.
  • Restart your computer to enable selective start-up.

Now uninstall QuickBooks

  • On your keyboard, press and hold the Windows + R keys to open the run window. Type appwiz.cpl into the text box.
  • As you press the enter key, Windows will pop up the list of installed programs.
  • Find QuickBooks and select it. Select the uninstall/change option. Now choose Remove, then press Next.
  • After QuickBooks has been completely uninstalled, restart Windows.

Install QuickBooks desktop again

  • Download and save QuickBooks. Open the file now to initiate the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and if a prompt arises, input your license information.
    Switch to normal start up
  • Press Windows along with R. Enter MSConfig here. Press the enter key.
  • Look for the normal start-up mode under the general tab and select it now.
  • Click OK to restart Windows. Run payroll updates to see if the error has been resolved.

The users should note that this error can also pop up due to an outdated tax table on your desktop. Suppose that is the reason for this error on your desktop. Try to check updates for QuickBooks. Ensure you are logging in with valid credentials. Your windows should also have the recent updates. Then the error can be rectified quickly.

Summing it up here!

This detailed article will not only help the users to fix the QuickBooks payroll error PS036 from their desktop. But it will also let you have a detailed insight into the error. If you are still unable to rectify this error after applying the solutions above, you can take the help of our experts. Their detailed guidance and expertise can help you fix this error on your QuickBooks desktop. You can also freely address your queries and concerns to our experts to resolve them quickly.

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