Applying for PTA Tax Exemption: A Complete Guide

Get a comprehensive guide on how to apply for PTA tax exemption and use your mobile phone freely for 120 days.

Jul 19, 2023 - 02:22
Sep 3, 2023 - 19:09
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Applying for PTA Tax Exemption: A Complete Guide
How to Register Mobile Phones without PTA Tax


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) imposes taxes on cellular telephones introduced into the USA. From overseas. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of PTA taxes on cell phones, shedding light on numerous aspects along with the tax process, exemptions, and its impact on foreign nationals. Throughout this guide, you may locate treasured data, professional insights, and solutions to often-requested questions about PTA taxes on cellular phones.

What Are PTA Taxes on Mobile Phones?

PTA taxes on cellular phones consult with the levies imposed on mobile gadgets added into Pakistan through people who are not eligible for tax exemptions. These taxes play a critical function in regulating the inflow of cell telephones from foreign countries and contribute to national revenue.

The latest news on PTA Taxes on Mobile Phones:

A temporary registration service for mobile phones brought into Pakistan from outside Pakistan has been introduced by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The arrangement allows for a 120-day PTA-free period during which you can use your cell phone.

The goal of this new approach is to make it easier for foreigners to visit Pakistan. Distinguished visitors including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, PTA Chairman Maj Gen (R) Hafeez ur Rehman, Federal Minister IT & Telecom Syed Aminul Haque, and others attended the inaugural ceremony. 

  • Requirements 

Applicants must provide the following information to be eligible for this service: 

  1. Passport number. 

  1. Mobile SIM card in their name. 

  1. Date of arrival and departure. 

  1. IMEI number of the device. 

The phone will no longer be able to function on the local network after 120 days. 

The Purpose of PTA Taxes:

The primary cause of imposing PTA taxes on mobiles is to make sure that the import and usage of cell gadgets are well regulated. This degree enables curbing unlawful imports and stimulates the increase of the nearby mobile industry. 

Calculation of Taxes:

PTA taxes are calculated based totally on various factors, such as the model and cost of the cell phone. Different tax quotes observe to gadgets of various specs, and individuals should pay the determined amount to attain the essential approvals.

Payment Methods:

PTA taxes can be paid through various techniques, which include online bills, bank transfers, and precise price centers. The authority affords a couple of fee alternatives for the convenience of users. 


In conclusion, PTA taxes on cell telephones play a vital position in regulating the import and utilization of cell gadgets in Pakistan. The system targets to facilitate foreign nationals.

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