Cox Internet vs 5G Home Internet – Review

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Dec 20, 2023 - 20:57
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Cox Internet vs 5G Home Internet – Review
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I don’t believe you could do your daily tasks with your slow internet speeds. High Speed Internet is what every user craves for, and if you are still using your old and slow speed internets, I have a question for you, HOW? Well, if you are planning to switch your network, how about give it a try to one of the best in the league? Talking about Cox Internet.

About Cox Communications

Cox Communications is the 3rd largest broadband network operating in the United States with having more than 6.5 million subscribers across the state. The provider has been tremendous when it comes to reliability and providing constant speed to the consumers. Cox has been ranked #1 in download speeds leaving Spectrum, Xfinity and AT&T far behind (test conducted by Speed Test by Ookla) in the 3rd quarter of 2023. Cox has always claimed to be faster than the 5G home providers. Is it so? 

In this guide we will be comparing Cox Internet versus the 5G Home Internet Providers so that we can have better understandings of what is being brought to the table. Without wasting your time, let’s start.

To bring more clarity to your mind, first let’s discuss what 5G Home Internet actually is.

What is 5G?

5G or I should say fifth generation is a fixed wireless connection, which clearly means that your home and the point of internet is not wired and you may get to use a device that can pick up signals and provides you a reliable internet. The speeds are comparatively better than the other connection type. Here are some of you perks you can have after having a 5G internet.

  • 5G is Wireless

If you are a person who hate wires, then this technology will surely fascinate you as you can get a proper wireless connection and your device will catch signals.

  • Affordability

Since, every broadband network are charging a bit extra and they affect your pocket. Don’t worry, because you can get 5G internet at an affordable rate because 5G home internet are relatively cheaper than the Fiber/ Fiber Powered.

  • Expandable

5G are not available everywhere as of now but the main advantage that is has is, 5G are easily expandable, by having more cells.


Talked enough about the perks of having a 5G at your home, how about we discuss some of the disadvantages you can have.

  • Speeds during Peak Hours

Being a 5G home internet, the speeds get compromised in the peak hours due to massive usage of users.

  • Weather disturbance

This has to be one of the biggest advantages a user can have, your Wi-Fi speed will get compromised if you are having a bad weather which is why the reliability is very less in 5G.

  • Limited Providers

5G is being offered by very few providers, in case if there is no competition in the future, 5G may get a bit expensive.

How is Cox Internet?

Well, Cox is one of the most reliable sources when compared to other networks. The provider uses a fiber powered internet technology. Fiber powered is not fully fiber but the data is transferred in light pulses so the speeds won’t get compromised. Here are some of the perks that you can have after having Cox Internet at your home.

  • Constant and Fast Speeds Internet

Speeds are one of the major concerns for the users and that is why Cox makes sure to provide constant and fast speeds to the users so that they could meet their daily deadlines. The speed ranges from 100 mbps to 2gbps. 

  • Reliability

Reliability is always a factor where Cox gets a lead. The provider makes sure to get less affected due to bad weather, so if you are watching a movie with your friends. Don’t worry, because Cox won’t disappoint you.

  • Low Latency

The provider makes sure to have a low latency so if you are a gamer, you don’t need to worry about your crucial moments being spoiled as the provider is reliable.

  • Variety in Plans

In order to facilitate users and their needs, Cox allows users to have multiple plans, Cox currently offers 5 amazing plans for the consumers, the speed ranges from 100 mbps to 2gbps, depends on your usage.


How about we discuss what disadvantage you can get after having a Cox Internet?

  • Availability

Availability becomes a major concern, Cox is currently operating in Alabama, Florida, Nebraska, Ohio, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, New Mexico, Minnesota, New York, South Carolina, Missouri, Iowa, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, North Carolina and Oklahoma. The provider targets to expand the network in future.

  • Wired Connection

Cox is a wired connection and that may trouble you if you do not like wired connections.

  • Price

As mentioned above, 5G home internets are relatively cheaper than the known broadbands. Agreeing the fact that Cox is slightly expensive but the quality and the speeds are the top-notch feature that comes along.


Before you make your mind, how about I show you Internet plans by Cox?

Cox Internet – Plans





Data Caps

Go Fast

  • 100 mbps download speed

  • 5 mbps upload

  • No termination fees

  • Comes with Panoramic Wi-Fi

Starting with $49.99 per month.

1.25 TB

Go Faster

  • 250 mbps download speed

  • 10 mbps upload

  • No termination fees

  • Comes with Panoramic Wi-Fi

Starting with $69.99 per month.

1.25 TB

Go Even Faster

  • 500 mbps download speed

  • 10 mbps upload

  • No termination fees

  • Comes with Panoramic Wi-Fi

Starting with $89.99 per month.

1.25 TB

Go Super-Fast

  • 1 gbps download speed

  • 35 mbps upload

  • No termination fees

  • Comes with Panoramic Wi-Fi

Starting with $109.99 per month.

1.25 TB

Go Beyond Fast

  • 2 gbps download speed

  • 35 mbps upload

  • No termination fees

  • Comes with Panoramic Wi-Fi

You need to check availability.

1.25 TB

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