Create Premium Quality Customized Patches To Suit Your Style

We make personalized patches in a range of forms and sizes at a very affordable cost! We can assist you with creating the ideal patch! Shipping is free in Canada.

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Create Premium Quality Customized Patches To Suit Your Style

When it comes to patches, the variety in the market is nothing compared to what you can find online. However, many people hesitate before making an online purchase. But that's not the case with Canada Patches.

They opened up their virtual shop around ten years ago when there was little to no concept of online shopping. But a decade later, they established their monopoly in the Canadian patch industry. And rightfully so, they are the only business in the market that you can count on for high-quality customized emblems.

The reason for their incredible quality is perhaps they use advanced technology and innovative methods to craft each crest. Here's a list of appliques the Canadian Patch Makers can design for you:

Services Offered By Canada Patches:

·         PVC Badges

·         Logo Patches

·         Name Badges

·         Hats Patches

·         Moral Crests

·         Police Badges

·         Sew On Emblems

·         Custom Crests

·         Iron On Badges

·         Motorcycle Crests

·         Embroidered Woven Emblems

So, whether you require a custom badge of your favorite band, an emblem for your motorcycle jacket, or some embroidered patches to customize your belongings, you can trust these people to design the ideal emblem for your needs. They have an impressive collection of custom patches!

Now you might be wondering why you should go to them for your customized orders out of all other patch makers in Canada. Here are a few reasons why Canada Patches is our best choice:

Reasons To Choose Canada Patches

Guaranteed Satisfaction

What else does a customer desire if not satisfaction? What we love about these Canadian Patch Makers is that out of all their priorities, customer satisfaction holds the first place. And it's not just something they have listed on their website – you can firsthand experience it when you deal with them.

Their utmost focus is to make their client satisfied and happy with the purchase. Now if it means they will have to go above and beyond to make that happen, they will do so without thinking twice. As a customer-centric business, they surely know how to retain their clients and keep them coming back for more!

Experienced Patch Makers

A customer's biggest concern when ordering something online is whether they will get what they ordered or not. But you will never have to worry about that when dealing with Canada Patches. They only employ experienced patch makers who can expertly replicate any design you ask them to.

Now whether you want them to craft a custom patch for your brand's logo or an emblem for your motorcycle gang – you can rest assured you will get exactly what you had in mind!

Fast Delivery

Canada Patches makes sure their customers don't have to wait much to get their appliques delivered. If you have ever designed a crest yourself, you may have an idea that designing and printing can take quite a lot of time.

Considering the hundreds of orders they receive every day, it's a surprise they can complete them all within the given timeframe. In these days when businesses offer several excuses for delays, Canada Patches guarantees on-time delivery of your package to your doorstep, every time!


Who said you have to compromise on quality if you can't afford a hefty price tag? Well, not the staff at Canada Patches, at least. They are fully committed to delivering premium quality patches to their customers at a fair price.

Their pricing is upfront and transparent. Hence, you can rest assured knowing your order will cost exactly what was quoted to you at the beginning. No extra or hidden charges!

No Minimum Order Limit

While we don't blame businesses that keep a minimum order limit to save their delivery expense, we don't appreciate it either. However, what truly sets Canadian Patch Makers apart is their remarkable approach.

The best thing about them is that they wholeheartedly accept your order, even if it's just for a single patch from their website. It doesn't matter if you place a single order or require a bulk quantity; they treat all customers equally. There's no bias or preference based on order size.

Infinite Customization

Another admirable thing about the Canadian Patch Makers is that they have an endless design catalog for you. You have the liberty to choose from the hundreds of designs in their inventory.

However, they even offer custom canada patches services to those who have something specific in mind. They are surely the go-to company whenever anyone wants to make their dream emblem come to life!

Free Revisions

It's not a big deal to get an artwork wrong the first time. What matters is the business's willingness to fix it. And once again, Canada Patches won our hearts. If they accidentally don't get a design right, they are all in to revise it as many times as it takes to satisfy their customer. Think about it – who does that anymore? No one, especially if they are as well-established as them!

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Free Consultation, Quotation, And Sample Design

You might have a specific vision in mind but find it challenging to put into words. Don't fret! The design team is always ready to lend you a hand. They understand that describing your ideas can be tough, so they're here to help bridge that gap.

Once they have a good grasp of your vision, they'll promptly present you with a detailed quote for the project. The beauty of their approach is that the price mentioned in the quote will remain unchanged upon the project's completion. You'll know exactly what to expect - there are no surprises or hidden costs.

But that's not all! Before they dive into bringing your ideas to life, they will prepare a sample design based on your preferences. This way, you'll get a sneak peek of how things will look and have the chance to approve it before they proceed. And here's the best part - all of these fantastic services come free of charge!

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