Frequently Asked Questions About Lasik Eye Surgery

The most popular and well-known form of laser refractive surgery to improve eyesight is called LASIK. Instead

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lasik Eye Surgery
Frequently Asked Questions About Lasik Eye Surgery

The most popular and well-known form of laser refractive surgery to improve eyesight is called LASIK. Instead of wearing glasses or contacts, some people choose to have laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) performed. 

This surgery often helps to treat problems like myopia, nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you're considering LASIK eye surgery, you likely have several questions about the procedure, the cost, and what to expect.


LASIK is the most well-known and widely used type of laser refractive surgery for better vision. Some opt to receive laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) instead of using contacts or spectacles. This procedure is frequently used to address astigmatism, nearsightedness, and myopia. You probably have a lot of questions regarding LASIK eye surgery, how much it will cost, and what to anticipate if you're thinking about getting it done.

1. What Is Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik) And How Does It Operate?

To correct vision issues, LASIK surgeons utilize a laser to alter the structure of the lens in the eye. The way light enters the eye and is focused on the retina is altered by the shape of the cornea, the transparent outer layer of the eye. 

When necessary, LASIK surgery can alter the form of the eye. The cornea can be shaped using laser technology. A tiny incision is made in the eye, and a thin flap of tissue is pulled back by the surgeon. The eye is allowed time to recover before the flap is replaced.

2. Should I Have Lasik Eye Surgery?

A good candidate for LASIK surgery is someone who is over 18, has stable vision, and does not have any major eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, or retinal detachment. You will need to have a comprehensive eye exam to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. 

3. Is Lasik Eye Surgery Uncomfortable, And How Long Does It Take?

LASIK is a painless operation that usually takes less than 30 minutes to complete. To help you feel as comfortable as possible during the procedure, you will be given numbing eye drops.

4. How Long Does Healing Take Following Laser Eye Surgery?

Following LASIK eye surgery, recuperation usually takes a few days to a week. After the procedure, you must avoid rubbing or getting your eyes moist for several days and rest them for a few hours. You will receive detailed instructions from your surgeon on how to take care of your eyes while you heal.

5. What Possible Dangers And Issues Can Arise With Laser Eye Surgery?

As with any medical procedure, there is a slight but real possibility that anything will go wrong during LASIK eye surgery. These include loss of vision, double vision, glare or halos around lights, and dry eyes. Serious side effects are uncommon, though, and most patients report having better vision after the surgery.

6. What Is The Price Of Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik)?

The experience of the physician, the clinic's location, and the kind of laser utilized are some of the variables that can affect the price of LASIK eye surgery. The average Lasik Eye Surgery cost is $2,525 to $6,200 per eye.

7. Does Insurance Cover Lasik Eye Surgery?

Insurance usually does not cover LASIK eye surgery. On the other hand, certain businesses might provide health insurance plans that pay for the surgery.

8. How Long Do The Results Of Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Last?

After LASIK eye surgery, most patients don't need to get their vision corrected again; however, this is not always the case. On the other hand, most LASIK surgery recipients report having improved vision for an extended period of time.

9. Is It Possible To Undergo Lasik Surgery On Both Of My Eyes At Once?

It is possible to get LASIK surgery on both eyes at the same time. But some doctors might advise you to wait a few weeks between procedures in order to let one eye heal before operating on the other eye.

10. How Can One Locate The Top Eye Hospital For Lasik Surgery?

Here are some actions you can do in order to find the top eye hospital for LASIK surgery:


Find out which local eye hospitals provide LASIK surgery by doing some research. You can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations, use online directories and search engines, and peruse ratings and reviews on social media platforms.

Verify the credentials.

Verify the eye hospital's credentials, as well as the training and expertise of the doctors that do LASIK procedures. Make sure the facility has the required accreditations and licenses from the top eye specialists in Delhi or the closest area.


Verify if the hospital does LASIK surgery with the newest tools and technology. This is a crucial component to ensure your safety during operation.


See the surgeon who will do LASIK surgery in person by going to the eye hospital. This will give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have and assess the surgeon's level of expertise and professionalism.


Examine the prices associated with LASIK surgery at various eye facilities. When selecting an eye hospital for laser surgery, pricing is a crucial consideration, but it shouldn't be the only one.


Find out how the eye hospital provides follow-up care following LASIK surgery. Post-operative appointments and any necessary modifications or improvements to the procedure may fall under this category.

You can locate the most suitable LASIK surgery location that matches your expectations by using these steps to identify the top eye hospital.

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