How to learn Quran Recitation

How to learn Quran Recitation

May 5, 2024 - 18:18
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How to learn Quran Recitation

Recitation means saying something from memory or reading verse(s) formally before an audience. Quran recitation (Quran tilawat) refers to reciting ayat (verses) of the Quran out loud whether from memory or directly reading from the holy book. 
10 Qiraat are ten famous methods of Quran recitation by notable authority chain holders. Each method is named after Rawi and has its own rules of Tajweed and recitation.  The pronunciation of words is different but the meanings are the same. If there is a difference that is due to variation of theme and not because of contradiction. 
A beautiful Quran tilawat is more impactful on the heart and soul. Traditionally learned in mosques or Islamic centers. Students also hire professional tutors to get one-on-one classes. This last method is better as it ensures increased focus. It's hard to find experienced and well-qualified tutors nearby, but thanks to technology online classes are a great way to learn Quran recitation online. It's flexible, cheaper and convenient.
Importance of Tilawat Quran 
Historical preservation of the 10 qiraat.  It helps preserve the methods and passes them to the next generations. 
Spiritual Connection to Allah as an act of worship. Learning it provides a conducive environment for building and strengthening the bond. 
Memorization & Internalization as rhythmic flow help in memorization. The student also embeds the meaning to their heart during the process. 
Learn Quran Recitation
Quran recitation starts with learning to recite short surahs and then move on to long surahs the same ways reported by our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Also, get training on Tajweed rules of recitation. 
Some tips to help you learn 
Listening to experienced reciters 
Immersing yourself in correct and beautiful tilawat by renowned reciters (Qaris). This exposure will help you internalize their style. While listening pay attention to pronunciation, pacing, and intonation. You can easily get the audios online or on audio apps. 
Understand the meaning & contex
Quran tilawat is not just for the ear but to convey the message. Understanding the deeper meanings, context, theme, and emotions will help you recite with sincerity and an appropriate emotional tone to convey the intended message.
Learn the rules of Tajweed 
Tajweed is a set of rules for pronunciation and recitation of the Quran, crucial for correct and beautiful tilawat Quran. Ensure to learn it only from qualified teachers or reliable online resources.  it’s a sensitive and delicate matter as a slight change in pronunciation changes the meaning completely leading to misinterpretation of the Quran message.
Seek feedback 
The ideal feedback would be from someone having a grip on Tajweed and tilwat Quran.  Feedback provides constructive criticism essential for growth. It helps refine our recitation by identifying mistakes, and areas of improvement and providing guidance. 
Breath control 
Breath control is the key to a sustained and beautiful recitation. Learn to take deep breaths only at appropriate pauses to avoid being out of breath or sounding rushed. Breath control makes the recitation as it allows more control and smoother delivery. Practice techniques to enhance your control and be more mindful of when to take a breath while reciting.
Memorize small portions 
Memorizing small portions or surahs and repeating them regularly helps reinforce intonation and correct pronunciation. After memorizing and repeating a small portion for some time you will become comfortable with its recitations and now can focus on your delivery.  
Record & evaluate yourself 
Self-assessment through recording yourself and critically evaluating is a powerful tool to improve. Find areas that need improvement such as tone, pace, pronunciation, or intonation.  Critical self-assessment combined with constructive feedback from a knowledgeable person on tilawat helps with mistakes and identifying areas to work on.  
Attend classes for Quran recitation 
Self-learning can never be enough so join classes to learn from a tutor. The tutor should be an expert on recitations. It’s a long journey, classes help you with feedback, mistake correction, techniques, tajweed, and guidance to move forward. 
Al-Quran like other online academies provides online classes for Quran reaction. These classes offer an opportunity to learn from trained teachers from the convenience of your room. They offer flexibility, a feature treasured by kids and adults with busy schedules. 
Learning Quran reaction properly is crucial to perfect pronunciation and intonation. One of the main ingredients is learning from a qualified teacher. The other ways to improve are learning breath control, memorizing small parts, repeating regularly, and listening to others. Get started on your journey by joining recitation classes as they offer proper guidance to achieve your goal. 

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