How to Apply for Immigration to Australia from Pakistan 2023-2024

Explore the process of Australian immigration from Pakistan. Get insights on visas, requirements, and steps for a successful move. Start your journey today!

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How to Apply for Immigration to Australia from Pakistan 2023-2024
Australian immigration from Pakistan

International immigrants are currently welcome to enter Australia. The optimum time to submit an Australian immigration application from Pakistan is right now. You can learn how to immigrate to Australia from Pakistan by reading this post. From Pakistan, you can apply for permanent residency in Australia through skilled migration, family, and special eligibility streams. 

Additionally, you will need to meet certain standards about your qualifications, age, profession, proficiency in English, work history, and other papers. 

 For Pakistanis to be eligible to apply for immigration to Australia, they must have a minimum of 65 points.

The processing of your immigration application will cost you AUD 3,760 and take 5-8 months.

How to Apply for Immigration to Australia from Pakistan:

Many people from all over the world have migrated to Australia to enjoy a better lifestyle and thriving economic conditions. You can get your hands on top-notch education and job chances to raise your level of living through Australian immigration from Pakistan.

There are three streams via which you can apply for an Australian immigration visa from Pakistan: the skilled stream, the family stream, and the particular eligibility visa stream.
Depending on the type of visa you're looking for, there are many steps involved in applying for immigration from Pakistan to Australia. If you submit an application for skilled immigration to Australia from Pakistan, your chances of acceptance are better. 

Pakistani Skilled Immigration to Australia:

According to the Australian Department of Home Affairs, the skilled stream is the one that is in the greatest demand in Australia. The primary visa categories for the skilled stream are listed below in brief:

Subclass 489: Regional Skilled Visa:

This visa permits its holder to remain and work in Australia's rural regions. The flexibility to bring their families from Pakistan to Australia is provided by this visa.

Skilled Independent Visa, Subclass 189:

This separate visa is intended only for the invited workers. To apply for this visa, you don't require sponsorship from a relative, an employer, or the Australian government. 

Subclass 190: Visa for Skilled Nominees:

If you are a skilled nominated worker, you can live and work permanently in Australia with this visa.

If you want to apply for immigration to Australia from Pakistan, regardless of the type of visa you apply for, your profession must be listed on the Australia Skilled Occupation List 2023.

1st Step: Visit the website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

2nd Step: To begin creating your Immi Account, click the "Create an Account" button.

3rd Step: "Step 1st of 2nd" will be displayed. Click "Continue" in the bottom right corner of the page after entering the necessary information, including your family name, given name, phone number, cell number, and email address. 

4th Step: Create an account by entering your information, including your passwords and backup questions.

5th Step: After creating your account, select "Skilled" from the My Application menu, and carefully complete your application! 

Australian immigration requirements for Pakistanis:

You must meet certain eligibility requirements to submit an immigration application to Australia. Here are a few crucial factors to take into account before applying for immigration to Australia from Pakistan:

A minimum of 65 points must be obtained using the immigration points calculator.

When you apply for Australian immigration, your age should not be greater than 45.

Your profession must be listed on the list of approved occupations for migrating to Australia if you are thinking about skilled immigration.

Language Ability: English
You must submit your IELTS or PTE results to meet the English language criteria while applying for Australian immigration from Pakistan.

When applying for Australian immigration from Pakistan, your qualifications are also very important. Both qualifications obtained within Australia and those obtained outside of Australia will count toward your point total. 

Work Background: 
Your employment history both inside and outside of Australia can count toward your immigration point total much like your educational background.

Relationship Qualification: 
When requesting Australian immigration from Pakistan, your spouse's experience and credentials are also important. If you choose to immigrate with your spouse from Pakistan to Australia, you will receive points for his or her overall qualifications, abilities, and knowledge. 

Utilize this immigration points calculator to determine if you are eligible to immigrate to Australia from Pakistan.

Your Paperwork:
Along with that, you'll need your ID card, passport, records from your education, evidence of your employment, bank statements, evidence of your command of the English language, etc.

When applying for Australian immigration from Pakistan, you must also submit a visa application fee and recent photos.

Calculate your points for immigration from Pakistan to Australia:

The immigration points calculator will calculate your eligibility to apply for Australian immigration from Pakistan. To qualify to apply for immigration to Australia, you must receive at least 65 points

Your age, education, work history, IELTS/PTE scores, and occupation will all be taken into account when determining your Australian Immigration/Australia PR points. If you are applying for family immigration to Australia from Pakistan, your spouse's skills and credentials will also increase your points. 

The use of the immigration points calculator is quick, free, and easy. You may quickly determine your points by using the online immigration points calculator.

Processing Time For Immigration To Australia:

The length of time it takes to process your application for a certain type of visa for immigration to Australia varies. Typically, it takes 5-8 months to process an Australian immigration application from Pakistan. Overall, all other immigration visa streams are prioritized below subclass 190.

Each visa category's applicants are given a priority number, and the applications are then processed by the number.

Pakistani immigration to Australia costs:

The cost of Australian immigration visas is AUD 3,670.

The benefits of moving to Australia

There are many benefits to moving to Australia from Pakistan. Australia is a wonderful country with many job and educational opportunities and offers its residents opulent lifestyles. 0.4 percent of Australians are from Pakistan. Here are a few justifications for thinking about Pakistani immigration to Australia.

Significant Migration System

Since 1920, Australia has welcomed immigrants. People from all walks of life have access to a wide range of visa opportunities thanks to Australia's immigration system. Therefore, the Australian government is prepared to welcome you whether you want to immigrate to Australia as a skilled worker from Pakistan or with your family.

Simple Route to PR

If you meet the immigration requirements after arriving in Australia, you can rapidly obtain permanent residency, which eventually results in Australian citizenship. Citizens of Australia are permitted to hold two citizenships. It is simple to apply for Australian citizenship for children born to permanent residents. As a result, Pakistani families looking to immigrate to Australia may find Australia to be a great option. 

Numerous Career Possibilities

Australia's economy is expanding. Businesses in Australia are increasing quickly as a result of expanding industries. Due to the businesses' quick growth, immigrants now have access to a wide range of professional options in Australia. Australia needs qualified immigrants for more than 600 occupations. Australia can therefore be a fantastic destination for skilled immigration from Pakistan.

Outstanding Health Care System

With hospitalization fees and medical payments available to its inhabitants, Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. If you apply for family immigration from Pakistan to Australia, this may be to your advantage. Additionally, the Australian healthcare system has contracts with several nations that provide visitors access to the same medical services.

High Life Quality

Australian citizens lead opulent, excellent lives. You can experience an outstanding quality of life if you relocate to Australia from Pakistan because of the low population, reduced pollution, natural landscapes, lovely scenery, excellent healthcare system, ideal work-life balance, and laid-back lifestyle.

Excellent Educational System

The Australian educational system is unquestionably one of the best in the world. Australia has earned third place in the list of countries that provide overseas students with the finest educational resources. Six of the top 100 universities in the world are located in Australia.

Financial Stability

For the past 15 years, Australia's economy has been stable. Australia's GDP is expected to expand by 4.2% in 2022 and 2.5% in 2023 even after COVID-19. Therefore, if you're looking for financial security, immigration from Pakistan to Australia may be a smart choice.

Low Rate of Crime

The people of Australia are calm. Australia is renowned for having a low crime rate worldwide because Australians are known for their sense of community.

Diversity of Culture

A significant portion of Australians are immigrants, creating a multicultural culture with people of all ancestries. In terms of skilled migration to Australia, Pakistanis rank eighth. If you apply for immigration to Australia as a skilled worker from Pakistan, you will be able to participate in the country's tremendous cultural diversity.

Access to Utilities is Simple

Finally, you may benefit from easy access to daily necessities like electricity, water, and gas in Australia. You may easily arrange for service providers to set up these amenities at your doorstep convenience.
statistics on immigration to Australia
Australian citizens who were born in Pakistan have substantially increased in number in recent years. In the last ten years, the number of people born in Pakistan has risen from 36,600 to 97,220. Pakistani-born individuals now make up 1.3% of all foreign-born Australians thanks to this sharp surge.  

According to the most recent statistics, Australia gave Pakistanis 4,121 permanent immigrant spots in one year under the permanent migration program, with the skilled migrants stream occupying the largest number of places and the spouse visas stream occupying the second largest number of places.

The optimum time to submit an Australian immigration application from Pakistan is right now.


1. How can one move to Australia the quickest?
The quickest route for immigration from Pakistan to Australia may be via Visa 491

2. How do I apply from Pakistan for business immigration to Australia?
To submit an application for business immigration from Pakistan to Australia, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. being younger than 55 years old
  2. You must obtain at least 65 points on the immigration points calculator.
  3. possess at least two years of experience in your chosen field
  4. possess any one of the following shares in your nominated company
  • if a company's annual revenue is AUD 400,000, 51%
  • if annual business revenue is greater than AUD 400,000, 30%
  • 10% if the business is publicly traded
  • The company must be successful overall.
  • Under the Business Australian Immigration Visa, the applicant must be prepared to start, operate, and manage a business in Australia.

3. Which nation is the most accessible for Pakistani immigrants?
The world's simplest country from which to immigrate is New Zealand. 

4. How can a Pakistani receive a work visa for Australia?
The following procedures must be followed to apply for an Australian work visa from Pakistan:

  1. Register your intent to use a Pakistani passport to apply for an Australian work visa.
  2. Utilize the paperwork Checklist tool to prepare all the necessary paperwork.
  3. Submit your application for a visa
  4. Pay the extra cost

If you are seeking skilled immigration to Australia from Pakistan, you will also need to obtain the necessary IELTS bands and have your abilities evaluated by the appropriate skill-assessing authority.  

5. Without a job, can I move to Australia?
Under the family sponsorship program, you can move to Australia without having a job. All you need is an Australian citizen relative who is willing to sponsor you. 

Keep in mind that you can only utilize this option if you have a spouse, parent, sibling, or other close relative who is already a permanent resident of Australia.

6. How old must a person be to immigrate to Australia?
If you want to apply for immigration to Australia from Pakistan, you must be younger than 45. 

7. How can I live here in Australia forever?
If you possess an Australian permanent visa that permits you to do so, you may reside there permanently. Skilled workers and family visas are the most popular permanent visas for immigration to Australia from Pakistan.

8. What credentials do I need to relocate to Australia?
Along with other requirements, you must possess a certificate of English language competency. Both your domestic and international qualifications will earn you points.

9. Is obtaining an Australia visa simple?  
It is simple to obtain an Australian visa if you match all the conditions.

10. How can I enter Australia legally?
To legally immigrate to Australia, take these steps:

  1. Start looking for job opportunities for yourself.
  2. Submit a visa nomination application
  3. After accepting the invitation, apply for the visa.
  4. Prepare to go if a visa is approved

11. How much money must be in the bank to qualify for an Australian work visa?
To be eligible to apply for an Australian work visa, applicants must earn at least $1,000 per month. Candidates must provide bank statements to demonstrate the amount.

12. Without IELTS, can I still work in Australia?
No! If you want to work in Australia, you must have an English language certificate. If you want to apply for immigration to Australia from Pakistan for work, you must take either the PTE or the IELTS.

13. What IELTS score is necessary for employment in Australia?
If you want to apply for a job in Australia, your IELTS score must be at least 6.5.

14. Australia's current immigration policy?
Yes! The borders of Australia are currently accessible to immigration, international students, and skilled workers.

15. Is there employment for immigrants in Australia?
In Australia, there are many job prospects, especially for skilled people. Therefore, skilled immigration from Pakistan may be a wise choice.

16. Can Pakistani HR specialists immigrate to Australia?
Yes, Pakistani HR specialists can move to Australia without any difficulty. Studies predict that over the next three years, the Australian human resource workforce will expand by 2.3% yearly. In 2022, it is anticipated that Australian businesses will employ 27,000 human resource specialists.

17. How can a Pakistani doctor come to Australia?
If you want to come to Australia as a doctor from Pakistan, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. A medical degree from a university approved by the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and the Australian Medical College (AMC).
  2. A job opening
  3. The relevant skill assessment authority evaluated your skills.
  4. Evidence of English language competency
  5. Australian PR or an Australian work visa

18. How long does it take to get from Australia to Pakistan?
In 11 hours and 15 minutes, a direct aircraft will go from Pakistan to Australia.

Pakistani nationals have long been welcome in Australia. To apply for immigration from Pakistan to Australia, you must meet certain standards. In Australia, there is a high demand for skilled immigrants.

You can apply for family immigration from Pakistan to Australia as well as special eligibility visas in addition to skilled migration. To be eligible to apply for immigration to Australia from Pakistan, you must have at least 65 points on the immigration points calculator.

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