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May 1, 2024 - 01:51
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Learn to Read Quran Online

will get you there. For non-Arabs, it is harder as learning a foreign language requires the help of a skilled and qualified teacher. A teacher provides guidance and feedback to help you Learning to read the Quran is a long journey to embark on. But being regular, and consistent progress in the right direction.  Different teachers for different levels are essential as one teacher is not enough. He/she may lack the education, skills, and experience required for a certain level. Finding a well-qualified teacher with experience for each level and subject on your own is hard to do so, especially in Western countries. But worry not as online Quran academies solve this problem for you. They provide highly skilled and competent teachers to help students with everything Quran related. It’s a blessing to find teachers on one platform. All you have to do is enroll and select the course you want. 
Courses to Learn to Read Quran Online
Student can take different online Quran classes to read based on their previous skill and experience.  The teacher will assess the students and enroll them in a course perfect for their needs and requirements. 
Noorani Qaida 
Students who have no prior experience of the Quran or Arabic language are enrolled in this course. Most kids take those classes’ ages between 4-7 years. But beginners regardless of their age can take that class. 
The goal of this class is 
Recognize and learn the Arabic alphabet 
Learn proper alphabet pronunciation with Tajweed step by step.
connecting the alphabet to make words. 
Noorani Qaida is available for free to read by visitors on online academy websites. They are color-coded to help and read. 
Reading the Quran with Tajweed
After completing the Noorani Qaida, the student learns to read with tajweed for beginners under a teacher's supervision. Teachers give them feedback when required and correct mistakes. 
The goal is to
Read the Quran with tajweed rules.
Being effortless and fluent in reading the Quran.
Tajweed is the way Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) read the Quran as recounted and demonstrated to him by Hazrat Jibrael (AS). There are rules of tajweed to pronounce and intonate the Quran words properly. It’s essential for maintaining the meaning and interpreting the Quran. 
The basic rules of tajweed ensure 
Preservation of the Quran's message and integrity by ensuring it is read the same way as revealed to the Prophet (PBUH). 
Spiritual Connection by beautifying the Quranic reading making it more heartfelt and impactful.
Accuracy & Clarity by improving clarity and preventing common mistakes. As mispronunciation alters the meaning of the word. 
Benefits of learning to read the Quran Online
There are numerous benefits for students to learn to read Quran online.
Flexible – Students can choose the time of the class.
Access from anywhere - Convenience of taking classes from any part of the world.
Qualified teachers – Well-educated teachers available for all levels of education.
Free Trail class – A free trial class with a teacher to help students check before committing to a course. 
Customized – Courses and classes are customized to fulfill student’s needs. 
Affordable – Comparatively much cheaper than other options.
Native Arabic speaker teacher - Native Arabic speaker teachers are available thus students learn authentic Arab accent.
Increase Attention on student – As classes are on a one-on-one basis, the student gets all of the teacher's attention and thus learns fast. 
Engaging environment for kids - Classes are made fun for kids to enhance the learning process. 
Female teacher for ladies – Lady Teacher for women to help them be confident and ask questions freely. 
Safety of kids – Online classes provide a safer environment for kids and also remove road risks due to traveling. 
Progress report – Students are evaluated periodically to assess their progress. Parents are informed about their kids through these progress reports. 
Like many online academies, Al-Quran also offers online classes to learn to read the Quran. 
Online academies are great sources for learning the Quran online. Learning to read the Quran online makes the process less hectic as you don’t have to travel every day. Online Quran academies hire teachers with the required qualifications and experience after testing them. Online Quran classes to read offer many advantages to learning the Quran comfortably. It’s their priority to tailor the class according to student needs by adjusting the syllabus, teaching style and methodology, time, duration, etc. If you want to learn to read Quran online, get enrolled and start your journey today. 

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