Perplexed about choosing the right career after 12th? Here’s the guide

After passing 12, it becomes very confusing in choosing the right career. However, with appropriate strategies, it can be solved.

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Perplexed about choosing the right career after 12th? Here’s the guide

Are you confused about what career to choose after passing your 12th grade? If yes, then it is the most common concern for most students. It becomes so complex for them to decide which is the appropriate field for them that would fetch them a good lucrative career ahead. Well, to help in taking an informed decision on this matter, we would like you to read this blog till the end. 

Choosing the right career path after 10+2

 Having the class 12 board exams around the corner is a crucial phase for all students. But after passing their 12th grade, it becomes more difficult for them to choose the career that is right for them. With numerous fields, it is not that easy to tick on one. But there are factors which if considered, can help you go deep into research and make the best use of effective decision-making strategies. This fuels confidence and a clear perspective in choosing which field to make a better career that fulfills their dreams and skills required for it.

Knowing your interests and abilities

 Before proceeding to make choices for your career, what seems important is to sneak through your reflection. By this we mean, you should figure out skills that you are excellent in. This gives you a rough idea about where to put your mind into. Being familiar with our passions and the subject that drives our attention is enough to decide on which particular field is the best for you. 

 If you are still not able to make out how to decide upon your career, then you can consult a career counselor as he will guide you better as per your discussion with him. Besides this, you can also go for career assessment tests or what can be a better way to approach your teachers who also can let you know about your strengths in a particular subject.

Researching career options

 After gaining clarity on your interests and abilities, the next step you should proceed with is the exploration of multiple career options that match your interests. As an example, if you have mastery of writing skills, then you can browse the list of top companies for the related profession. The same applies to other technical and non-technical streams. 

Your chosen stream is the best idea to suggest for the right career

 What if we say you need not adopt the above methods, as the solution lies with your chosen stream? After passing 12, students are given 3 different fields to choose from - Science, Commerce, and Humanities (also called Arts). If you have a good command of either of these subjects, then there are multiple career options related to it. Suppose you choose Science, then the career options available for you include Data Science, Chemist, Biotechnology, Forensic Science, and Engineering. 

 For Commerce students, options are Actuary, Accountant, Company Secretary, Chartered accountant, Research analyst, and Finance. Talking about Arts students, they can make their careers in fields like Journalism, Teacher, Interior design, Graphic designing, Fashion design, Writing, Event management, and Photography. If you are aiming for global study abroad, then do communicate with any of the top study abroad consultants in India including Edvoy, GeeBee, Applyboard, and KC Overseas.

Observing new trends in the career prospects

 Even though it is essential to explore your passion, at the same time, you should also stay abreast with the new trends and demands in your career prospects. Check out the industries that are rising with promising growth. Waste no opportunity in exploring them as they might guarantee long-term stability and career advancement.

Choose a career that fetches you better incentives

 After passing 12th, you should carefully come up with a decision in choosing a course that you think can help you in finding the job that provides good incentives per your worth. It would be better if the field you have chosen matches your interest and passion. Knowing your respective field raises the chances of your excellency in a particular organization.


 After 12, a student needs to start thinking about his/her career. It is the right time to make your mark in the industry. Be very sure about making your choices. Choose that field where you are confident to upscale your career. Having an interest in some other stream but being forced to do another job will make you jinxed forever. Do not let that happen. Listen to your heart.

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