Relevant Ways To Counter QuickBooks Error 80070057

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Relevant Ways To Counter QuickBooks Error 80070057

QuickBooks digitalizes the accounting process of organizations and makes overseeing the finances convenient for them. QuickBooks Error 80070057 can sometimes create trouble for users when they open or share the company file with workstations. If you run into this data file error on your QBDT, read this entire blog to explore its causes and the measures that can be taken to rectify it.

Feel free to contact our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 to remove the error from your PC.

Details of the error and symptoms

You primarily run into this error code while opening a company file or saving new data in it. This can cause your system to freeze or lag when opening a company file. You’ll observe a delay in the launch of the company file, or it’ll entirely turn unresponsive. The error code will instantly come up when the software fails to access the company file, and you won’t be able to utilize the data file for any accounting task. This error makes the data file entirely inaccessible to the workstations, as you won’t be able to host it in multi-user mode on the server computer. This error can also become a reason for a sudden termination of the multi-user network. You can relax as the company file data is entirely safe, and you can resolve the issue by configuring some system settings and repairing the data file.

Causes of the data file error

Your software might showcase abnormal behaviour while opening the company file and suddenly crash when it fails to do so. The potential conditions that trigger this company file issue on your QBDT are described below-

  • The location of the company file on your system is completely restricted for QB due to insufficient folder permissions.
  • The company file you want to open has met with a virus attack or data corruption, which turns it into an unsupported format.
  • The Database Server Manager stops working in the background due to damaged user account settings.
  • The Network Descriptor file is corrupt and fails to run when QuickBooks tries to establish a multi-user network.
  • Your QuickBooks version has turned obsolete due to missed updates, and it now generates issues running on your Windows due to incompatibility.
  • QuickBooks program files are corrupt or exist in an unsupported format due to corruption in your HDD.
  • QuickBooks is partially installed on your computer due to which internal issues or bugs generate in the software.

Practical solutions for the error

You won’t be able to utilize your company file efficiently until you terminate this error code from your QuickBooks. Some easy and reliable ways to eliminate the error from QBDT are discussed below in detail-

Solution 1- Transfer your Data file to a different location and open it correctly

You can run into this runtime error due to the inaccessible location of the company file. QuickBooks can fail to connect with the company file if it doesn’t have the correct folder permissions. This can also happen due to a damaged directory or broken path to the company file. You can tackle the issue by changing the location of the company file on your computer. You must also ensure you open the company file correctly, as opening your backup or portable company file with the same procedure can lead to issues. Here are the steps to move your data file-

  • Single-click the search panel on the taskbar and type the name of your data file with a ‘*’ mark at the beginning.
  • Right-click your company file in the search results and tap Open File Location.
  • Copy the data file and move it to C:\Users\Public\PublicDocuments\Intuit\QuickBooks\CompanyFiles.
  • Launch your QuickBooks and click Find a company file.
  • Click Local Drives and ensure that you select a .qbw format file.
  • Tap Open and wait until the data file launches on your PC.

If the error code appears again while launching the company file, try the next solution.

Solution 2- Delete your QBDataServiceUser account

You can also run into this error if the Database Server Manager account in your Windows gets damaged. This causes the DBSM to malfunction whenever you try accessing the company file located on the multi-user network. You need to delete your DBSM account from your Windows to recreate it when you rerun QuickBooks. Here are the steps-

  • Open the control panel on your computer and navigate to the Accounts option.
  • Tap User Accounts and search for QBDataServiceUserXX according to your QB version.
  • Right-click the account and tap Delete.
  • This removes the DBSM account from your Windows and recreates it when you run your QuickBooks again.

If the DBSM still fails to work on your computer, move to the next solution.

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Solution 3- Repair your Network Descriptor file and launch the Database Server Manager

The Network Descriptor file contains the information on the path to the data source and all the systems authorized to access the data file from the network. QuickBooks can develop issues hosting the data file on a network if the DBSM malfunctions in the background. This happens when the Network Descriptor file fails to run. You must recreate the .nd to prevent it from creating issues in the future. Use these steps-

  • Go to your QB folder in the C: drive using the file explorer.
  • Look out for the network descriptor file and right-click on it.
  • Select Rename from the options list and add ‘.old’ at the end of the file name as an extension.
  • Save the Network Descriptor file on your PC.

Now, you need to scan the Network Descriptor file in the Database Server Manager to register it on the network and make it usable for QuickBooks. Use the following steps to launch your DBSM-

  • Go to the Network Issues option of your QB tool hub and select QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Tap the Scan Folders tab and select your QB Folder from the Browse option.
  • Click Start Scan and wait until DBSM scans all the contents of the QB folder.

If you still face issues while accessing the data file, try the next solution.

Solution 4- Update your QBDT to the newest version available for download

This error code also appears on the screen when QuickBooks fails to run its functions or integrate with Windows applications. This happens if you haven’t installed the latest QB version on your computer, and it generates compatibility issues running in your Windows. You must also keep your QB updated to remove bugs and glitches that develop randomly. Updating QB to the latest version enhances its compatibility and security protocols to let QB users enjoy working on the software. Here are the correct steps to update QB Desktop-

  • Launch QBDT on your PC and approach the File menu.
  • Select Utilities in the drop-down list and click Stop hosting multi-user access.
  • Navigate to the Help menu located at the top of your screen and select Update QuickBooks Desktop from the drop-down list.
  • Below the Update Now tab, you’ll see a Reset Update option. Click on it to remove the previous updates and ensure the Mark All checkbox is marked.
  • Click Get Updates and let the update package get downloaded on your PC.
  • Reopen QuickBooks after the update download is completed and follow the procedure prompted by the software to install the updates.

If you fail to access your data with an updated QuickBooks, move to the next solution.

Solution 5- Remove the damage from your company file using the File Doctor Tool

A significant cause for this error to emerge can be a damaged or corrupt company file. The software displays this error code when it fails to run the data file due to its unreadable format. The file can get damaged when you move it to a different location, a virus attacks your system data, or your HDD data gets corrupted. You will no longer be able to use the file until it is completely repaired. You can fix the company file using the QB File Doctor Tool, as shown in the following steps-

  • Visit the official QB website and download the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool hub on your computer.
  • Install the QB tool hub using the instructions given on the screen and launch it after complete installation.
  • Go to the Company file issues menu and click the Run QuickBooks File Doctor Tool option.
  • Hit the Browse button to mention the location of your data file and select the Check your file option.
  • Run the File Doctor tool by filling in your QB admin account credentials and wait until the data file damage is completely fixed.

If your QBDT still fails to process the company file, move to the next solution.

Solution 6- Assign Administrator rights to your QuickBooks application

QuickBooks can also face this error if it can’t access the company or its program files from the system drives due to a non-admin Windows account. The software might also face problems using the system resources or connecting with other systems. You can tackle the problem by giving your QB admin rights as shown in the following steps-

  • Go to the location of the QB folder on your PC.
  • Search for the QuickBooks.exe (Software launch icon) inside the folder and right-click on it.
  • Click Run as Administrator and try to open your company file when the software launches.

Wrapping Up !

This informative blog focuses on the causes of QuickBooks Error 80070057 that interrupts you while opening a company file. You can also find the elimination methods in the blog that you must use to prevent the error from developing again while opening a company file.

Speak to our team of QB experts at 1-855-856-0042 directly for further assistance with troubleshooting.

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