QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085: A Quick Guide to Fix

In this article, we'll go over four simple fixes for the QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085 along with its main causes.

Sep 6, 2023 - 17:41
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QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085: A Quick Guide to Fix
QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085


QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085 happens when you are using the QuickBooks Enterprise. It can also occur when you are starting your computer. You will see the following message on the screen when QuickBooks Error QBWC1085 influences QuickBooks:

QuickBooks was unable to write to log file. QuickBooks will open without the log file.” or 

There was a problem with the log file. QuickBooks Web Connector will continue without the log file.

A damaged data file is commonly the reason behind the appearance of the said error code. But there could be other reasons, too. Read the blog completely to explore the causes and solutions that will be helpful to save you from the error message for QBWC1085.


It could be quite tricky for you to deal with QuickBooks errors if you are not very tech-savvy. We suggest you get help from experts in case you are unsure how to handle the error on your own. Dial TFN  +1-(855)-955-1942 and reach out to us if you have any queries or require assistance.

Causes of the QBWC1085 Web Connector Error

It is very crucial to understand the cause of the error. Knowing the causes will further help you in troubleshooting Web Connector Error in a better manner. Let us tell you what exactly happens that causes QuickBooks Error QBWC1085

  • QBCLOG.TXT file used by the Web connector is no longer accessible. A damaged file will also show the same effect.

  • Not signed in as the administrator while running the program.

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Methods To Resolve Problem With The Log File Error QBWC1085

Resolving the error becomes the priority as you won’t be able to use QuickBooks functions properly. But you might be wondering about how you can resolve it and resume your activities on QuickBooks. This becomes a must for you if you are using third-party applications that require the use of QuickBooks Webs Connector.  There are two scenarios regarding this in order to go ahead with the troubleshooting:

  • One of them is when using a third-party application for the data file on QuickBooks. 

  • Another case is when you are not using any third-party Web-based program that requires QuickBooks Web Connector. 

Follow the steps below to tackle the QBWC1085 problem with the log file:

If you are using a third-party application, this method will be helpful to you.

  • Close all the active windows of the QuickBooks application along with the QuickBooks Web connector.

  • Next, you need to locate the log file on your system. It can be reached by following this path: C: ProgramData/Intuit/QBWebConnector/log.

  • Next, you need to rename the log file. Use the word Old at the end of the file name. In other words, your QBCLOG.TXT file needs to be renamed as QBCLOGOLD.TXT.

  • Once you're done with the above steps, restart your PC. Open QuickBooks by double-clicking on the icon. After that, resume your work if QBWC1085 problem with log file message is not there. 

Let’s move to the next scenario, where we will troubleshoot the issue differently if you are no longer using third-party programs.

Note: QuickBooks Web Connector is helpful for you if you are using third-party applications in conjunction with QuickBooks. If you are not using any third-party applications, you don’t need it. You can simply remove it from QuickBooks if your data file is not connected to any web-based program. This will help you evade QBWC1085 Web Connector Error. 

Steps To Remove QuickBooks Web Connector From QuickBooks

  • First of all, Login to the Windows system with an administrator account. You will need an admin account credential for the same.

  • Now, Follow the path program:  

C: ProgramData/Microsoft/Windows/StartMenu/Programs/Startup

  • After following the path above, you can Delete the QuickBooks Web Connector that's causing the hindrance of QuickBooks Error QBWC1085.

  • For the next step, you need to restart your computer. Restarting will let the change take effect. Now, you don’t have to worry about the QBWC1085.



If you cannot follow the steps we have mentioned above, dial TFN +1-(855)-955-1942 to get help.  Our QuickBooks certified team is experienced at dealing with QuickBooks Web Connector Error QBWC1085. You can also reach out in case of any Query regarding the same.

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