Ramadan in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Stately celebrations are the highlights of festivals in Dubai. There is no uncertainty in that. Visiting the town during a festive season is itself an eccentric experience.

Mar 6, 2024 - 11:51
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Ramadan in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Stately celebrations are the highlights of festivals in Dubai. There is no uncertainty in that. Visiting the town during a festive season is itself an eccentric experience. Are you a frequent visitor of Dubai but have yet to experience its cultural heritage? Visit the city during Ramadan! Yes, the town is majestically beautiful during Ramadan but you need to know the details like Ramadan 2024 dates in the UAE and regulations, to maximize your joy. Having said that, today Next Holidays is here with the whole kit and caboodle about spending Ramadan in Dubai. Enough of beating around the bush. Right? Let’s get started with knowing Ramadan in Dubai!

The Holy Month of Ramadan

Did you know that the Islamic lunar calendar works on moon sightings? As per the standard English calendar, the moon sightings can appear on different dates every time. Now you have the answer to your question about the Islamic festivals like Eid and Ramadan being celebrated on different dates every year. Right? The holy month of Ramadan 2024 is anticipated to begin by March 10 or 11. Everyone knows that Ramadan is a month of fasting that purifies your soul but today we are going to dive deep into the culture of Ramadan. 

Ramadan is celebrated slightly differently in the UAE. How? The traditions of Ramadan start in the UAE actually on Hagg Al-Layla which falls in the month before Ramadan. The traditions include children going to neighbors in their festive attires and the neighbors welcoming them with all hearts leading to a joyful and harmonious celebration. The first Iftar meal of Ramadan calls for a family get-together to share meals and memories together. Isn’t it too soulful? 

On top of that, it is a celebration that’s equally for you and the world. Ramadan is about creating balance in the world. With its tradition of Zakat, you get to donate a share of your meals to the less fortunate and show your care towards them. This way, everyone gets immersed in the celebratory vibes, and no matter what, no one sleeps empty stomach. Isn’t it extremely compassionate and human?

Suhoor & Iftar

Ramadan fast is the most difficult and the most exciting fast. What makes it exciting is the Suhoor and Iftar meals. But what are those meals? The early morning meal Suhoor is the one that’s had before starting the fast. Whereas, the evening meal Iftar is for breaking the fast. Suhoor and Iftar are way more than a meal. They are a symbol of togetherness in Ramadan. When you are celebrating Ramadan in Dubai, expect the meals to be greatly ceremonious. With multiple tents set up across the city, you will have the opportunity to relish flavors and moments with humankind at once.

How Can a Tourist Celebrate Ramadan in Dubai?

While the personal and professional work shifts are reduced to a half day during Ramadan, the tourist attractions and restaurants’s opening hours are extended. So, you can absolutely enhance your joy as a tourist in Dubai during Ramadan. Try the below-mentioned things while celebrating Ramadan in Dubai:

  • Pay a visit to theme parks like the IMG Worlds of Adventure and highly acclaimed tourist attractions like Global Village and Burj Khalifa. Although these places are majestic the whole year, Ramadan adds solemn vibes to your experience here.

  • Experience the aura of spirituality at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

  • Try the traditional cuisines like Harira and Ouzi at Ramadan tents or the best restaurants in Dubai. 

  • Drop by the festive stalls and night markets to catch a glimpse of the traditional artifacts and try out some traditional costumes during the celebration. 

Tips for Tourists in Dubai During Ramadan

The authorities understand everyone has their own way of celebrating festivals, and there are no strict rules to adhere to for tourists in Dubai during Ramadan. But by following the below-mentioned tips, you can be respectful towards the culture:

  • Dress modestly and choose attire that covers your shoulders and knees. Men and women should both implement this because religion knows no gender or race. 

  • Be it public display of affection, eating, drinking, or smoking in public, avoid all of it.

  • Keep exchanging festive greetings with ‘Ramadan Mubarak’.

  • Make advance bookings of restaurants and outdoor places as the sites are housefull during Ramadan.

  • Avoid playing loud music in public areas, as the citizens practicing fast need peace of mind.

Festive Mood Continues with Eid-Al-Fitr in Dubai

Don’t get lowhearted by the end of Ramadan because it brings the sonorous festival of Eid. Now you know why Ramadan is so special. Don’t you? It lets you stay in the festive mood. Everything about Eid-Ul-Fitr in Dubai is magnificent and an out-of-the-world experience in itself. Splendid fireworks, phenomenal events, huge shopping festivals, delectable feasts, and whatnot. With mandatory professional offs and grandeur celebrations, the joy is diffused in the air of the town during Eid-Al-Fitr in Dubai.

Get Onboard for a Festive Vacation

Whether you are visiting Dubai during Ramadan or Eid, the festive mood gets added to your vacation for sure. Although Dubai is so famous that you can find everything about it online, a travel partner ensures a custom-made experience like never before. Do you want a Dubai holiday experience that’s eccentric for you? Choose Next Holidays as your travel buddy and get ready to experience the inexperienced!

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