Small Business Website Design Packages 2023

Small Business Website Design Packages - Since 2010, we have been developing WordPress and custom websites of high quality.

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Small Business Website Design Packages 2023
Small Business Website Design Packages

Small Business Website Design Packages

We are devoted to startups as well as small enterprises. We are aware that they do not have the resources to do the necessary tasks. For instance, if you run a large business, paying someone to locate you a lead or a new supplier won't be a problem. But when you have few resources, it is much more difficult. So small and medium-sized businesses make up our target market. We support their development and give them the tools they need to work together. We want to help small businesses reach their full potential.

Understanding eCommerce based in San Francisco and Barcelona, has been creating high-quality websites since 2010. We also provide mobile solutions, social network integrations, and content management plans.

Web Design & Development

We may build clients' websites using a Content Management System ("CMS"), utilizing open-source CMS systems like WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal, or Joomla, for those clients who want to update their own website content. These clients can adjust their content and use their knowledge of eCommerce to more complex designs by using the user-friendly web-based dashboard.

We are aware that building a successful website requires more than a lovely front page. Planning, study, and critical analysis are therefore stressed. When it is located, we will collaborate with you to create the content and improve the website.

Our expertise in web development and design will increase revenue for your company. Whether you need web design, website marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO), whether you are an individual, established business, or a startup, our team can provide you with an affordable solution that will give you an internet presence with a competitive advantage.

You send stuff to your webmaster these days and wait for them to work around it. Why should it take two weeks for you to update your website when we are tweeting, updating Facebook, and creating LinkedIn pages? If you know how to copy and paste, you may change material on our websites thanks to a straightforward interface. To upload a new video or add an image, click a button. Naturally, everything integrates with your social media networks in keeping with Web 3.0.

Where is the button for signing up?

No sign-up button is present. That isn't how we operate. Instead, we provide a FREE consultation to learn more about your company's requirements. It's important to take the time to comprehend what your company needs rather than trying to upsell you on a more expensive bundle. If not us, it might be one of our partners (still a win-win situation), or you might need further services to round out our offerings, like a photographer or graphic designer. Your success is our top focus. Not because we are kind (though we are), but rather because we know that if we perform a great job, we will win your repeat business and your business associates' recommendations. Win-Win is what I said.

Contact to schedule a FREE, no-obligation call right away.

No Long-Term Agreements 

We issue monthly invoices. You can cancel if you don't like our service or if circumstances change (we'll be sad - we enjoy most of our clients, eh? except for one).

Sounds like it's too wonderful to be true*

Yes, there are certain restrictions. First, we'll (sort of) set up your website for free. Then, we'll create a 5-page WordPress website and optimize it for security, backups, and search. Each additional page or blog post you desire over five requires a one-time setup fee of $50. Ten pages are included in the premier bundle.

In addition, let's construct this.

What is Digital Marketing?

We are aware that building a successful website requires more than a lovely front page. Planning, study, and critical analysis are therefore stressed. After it has been launched, we collaborate with you to create the content, optimize the website, and turn visitors into paying clients. But it goes further than that.

We have to get to the places where your potential customers are, which may be Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, or TikTok. We make sure all of your items are compatible with the necessary social media platform(s). Creating content strategies is necessary. In order to effectively market our company, we must include offline events like conferences and networking. We collaborate with you to give your message a voice and make sure it is disseminated on the platforms they frequent, whether it be thought leadership or branding.

Our Approach 

  • Build – We provide scalable digital solutions for tiny catalogs or hundreds of products, whether you run a small or large business. Therefore, go no further since we have you covered if you're seeking for Digital Marketing solutions that are simple to use and offer excellent functionality.
  • Grow – Inbound Marketing & Communication Strategies. We wish to invite everyone to view the fantastic site you spent time and money creating. How then might we interest your intended audience? Are they Facebook users? Is anyone tweeting? Or are we referring to a traditional newsletter? Sometimes, we are unsure. Therefore, we experiment with various strategies and gauge the outcome.  We refer to this as A/B testing. The Growth Effort concentrates on assisting our clients in using content marketing, display advertising, and other strategies to "reach" their target audience with brand messages.
  • Convert – You've created the website, opened the shop, and you're getting lots of traffic, but no sales. So, how can you turn visitors into paying customers? We assist you in filling the funnel and guide you in applying best practices to convert warm leads into paying customers.

Measure yourself three times.

The goal of Observe, Orientate, Decide, Act—or Plan, Do, Check, Act in Agile—is to measure or observe what is happening and respond appropriately for a better result. In order to determine what is working, what isn't, and what needs to change, we construct measurements or KPIs. Since there is often uncertainty at the beginning of a project, we use Agile approaches to deliver value and lower risks.

And we continue to measure. The metrics provide a non-emotional path forward.

The success of our clients has a direct impact on Understanding eCommerce's success. Our customers might not fully comprehend the technical aspects of websites, programming, and SEO. However, they should always be knowledgeable, comprehend the reasoning behind any design or SEO efforts, and feel comfortable asking questions at any level of comprehension.

Primary Values

ADDED VALUE RESOURCE We use our expertise, abilities, and assets to serve as the go-to source for challenging problems for the small company community. As a result, our clients receive services from a single source that adds value. And if there isn't one already, we work to open up a path for its development.

QUALITY, NEIGHBORHOOD, ANDRESPECTOur mission is to offer the small business community the best goods, solutions, and a feeling of community that is supportive, welcoming, and accepting of people for who they are.

CONFIDENCE IN THE PEOPLE WE SERVE The extent to which we help others live their lives to the fullest is how we judge our success. Our coworkers, suppliers, and clients deserve nothing less. We must always keep in mind that our consumers are unique individuals. Our goal is to give our members the greatest experience possible, whether it be through relevant material, accessible tools, or services that improve their quality of life.

PROSPERITY, REVOLUTION, AND TRANSFORMATION We, as individuals and as organizations, are committed to creative and constructive growth, transformation, and renewal as sources of inspiration and vitality in accordance with our core values. We'll have growing pains. Because we are not a website and actual people are creating it, occasionally we will get it wrong. Please join us in this effort as a partner.

We must make money, just like any other company, but never at the expense of our members. Without the express consent of our members, we never sell our mailing lists. The advertising on the website must provide pertinent information and not be annoying.

Products and services must fulfill their advertising claims and benefit the community. We think it's possible to be wealthy without being evil. Good is insufficient.

We constantly pledge to go above and above. Additionally, we are always changing and reorganizing to try to improve your experience.

Finally, feel free to drop by whenever. at least in a cyber-euphoric sense. We want your feedback. Tell us if you like it; we adore cuddly feelings just as much as anyone. 

Tell us if we make a mistake and we'll try to rectify it.

Talk to us and let me know what you want to see. Know a reliable supplier? Share them with us so that we can help the community learn about them. Have a motivational tale? Share it with our community.

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