What's the process for breeding an Entbrat in My Singing Monsters?

Adding the energetic Entbrat and its fun costume to your islands is rewarding, if challenging at times.

Sep 26, 2023 - 19:08
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What's the process for breeding an Entbrat in My Singing Monsters?

With its lively vocals and fun tree costume design, the Entbrat is a fan favorite monster in My Singing Monsters. This Plant/Earth duo-element monster fits right in on both Plant Island and Cold Island. But breeding the Entbrat requires using the right combination. In this guide, we'll break down the key tips for successfully how to breed an entbrat in your islands.

An Introduction to Entbrat

Entbrat sports a charming tree costume with branch-like arms and leafy foliage on its head. Its voice is energetic and melodious, punctuated with high-pitched "la la la!" phrases.

As a Plant and Earth element monster, Entbrat naturally gets along well with other tree and nature themed monsters. Its cheery song breathes life into any island habitat.

Entbrat Breeding Overview

Here is a quick summary of key points for Entbrat breeding:

  • Requires both Plant and Earth elements
  • Moderate breeding time of 15 hours
  • Pairing Plant/Earth monsters works best
  • Better chance if parent monsters are level 10+
  • May take a few tries, so persistence pays off

Best Monster Combinations

These monster pairs have the highest chance at producing an Entbrat egg:

Oaktopus + Mammott

Oaktopus brings Plant while Mammott contributes Earth. Both common starters.

Furcorn + Potbelly

Furcorn handles the Plant element while Potbelly packs Earth power.

Entbrat + Entbrat

Already have one? Entbrat plus itself rapidly yields more.

Drumpler + Potbelly

Drumpler's Plant/Ethereal and Potbelly's Earth combine well.

PomPom + Phangler

Though rarer, these quad monsters make breeding Entbrat fast and surefire.

Tips for Breeding Success

It takes patience, but these tips will help breed Entbrat effectively:

  • Place parent monsters on Enhanced Breeding Structure
  • Use monsters that are happiest for better odds
  • Level monsters to 15 first if possible
  • Employ monster treat farms to maintain happiness
  • Take advantage of reduced breeding time promotions
  • Persist through bad luck - Entbrat can take multiple tries!

Caring for Entbrat

Once you finally breed your Entbrat, here's how to keep it happy:

  • 15 hour incubation time - can be sped up with diamonds
  • Feed Earth and Plant treats regularly
  • Place on Plant Island or Cold Island
  • Level up to 15 for increased coin generation

Soon your islands will be alive with delightful Entbrat vocals!

FAQ About Breeding Entbrat

What's the fastest way to breed Entbrat?

The quickest path is combining two Entbrats. Otherwise, pairing a Plant/Earth quad monster like PomPom with any Earth monster works great.

Does Entbrat have to be bred on Plant Island?

Nope! Entbrat can be bred on any Natural Island that allows breeding of double element monsters.

Is there a way to guarantee Entbrat breeding?

There are no 100% guarantees unfortunately. But using the ideal element pairs at high levels maximizes your Entbrat chances.

Should I use Single Element or Double Element monsters?

Double/Double pairings work best, but Single/Single can succeed too. Use whichever combo you have available.

Approximately how many tries does it take?

With optimal monsters, you can expect to breed Entbrat in 5-15 tries typically. Just keep at it!


Adding the energetic Entbrat and its fun costume to your islands is rewarding, if challenging at times. Use the combos and tips outlined here to master this monster's breeding process. Let me know if you have any other questions about breeding your own vocal Entbrat!

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