Why being an influencer is one of the jobs of the future

Why being an influencer is one of the jobs of the future

Jul 25, 2023 - 19:10
Jul 26, 2023 - 04:31
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Why being an influencer is one of the jobs of the future

Why being an influencer is one of the jobs of the future

Young people today have gone from watching their influencers and admiring them to dreaming of being influencers. And this should not surprise anyone, because at first glance it looks like a fun, glamorous, and very profitable job.

And the numbers don't lie, according to Business Insider, in 2023 nano influencers will earn 36 times more than influencers did in 2015.

The emergence of social networks has allowed these dreams to come true much faster and within everyone's reach. To be able to have some artistic talent and show it only needs a camera and a profile on social networks.

Although behind everything, what no influencer counts, there is always a lot of work, years of dedication to finding your own essence, sweat, and tears.Influencers also Buy Instagram Followers.


Some influencers, usually celebrities, become influencers without intending to, like Cristiano Ronaldo, considered the number one celebrity on Instagram, who will surely break his own records in 2022 for being a soccer year.

Others are digital natives in the style of Monismurf or Arianna Grande who grew up on social media as influencers while discovering their own artistic style as they transitioned from girl to woman.

In the video below you can learn the story of how Arianna Grande became the celebrity she is today.

Want to know everything you need to become an influencer?

Keep reading this article and we will tell you all about it.

What is influencer marketing and how does it work?

Influencer marketing is a digital marketing strategy in which the influencer acts as a broadcasting agent within an audience they have built.

Influencers can communicate with their audience and produce in them desires for change, influence their perceptions, opinions and personal preferences.

This power of persuasion that an influencer has over his audience is due to the previous work and for a long time that the influencer has done, learning to interact and to know the needs and pains that those who follow him have.

This is highly valued by brands and companies that are looking for channels that can connect with the target audience for their products and services.

And this is where influencers and brands come together in a very lucrative working relationship.

And... how can you be an influencer on instagram?

Being an influencer on Instagram has become fashionable, if you are not on this social network you will be looked at something strange.

Becoming an influencer on Instagram takes some time because it is a long process, sometimes trial and error, which allows the influencer to learn, correct and move on.

What does it take to be an influencer?

The process that most influencers take is as follows:

  • You create a profile on Instagram focused on a topic that is related to what interests you. If you want to be a fashion influencer, for example, it is natural that the content you create is related to fashion.

  • The next thing is to create the necessary content for that profile where you will have to learn how to take selfies, handle design programs and plan content. Fashion models, for example, use a single photo shoot to take many pictures related to what they want to show, so you will have enough content for several days or even months.
  • As content is published and followers are gained, some content will have more impact than others and influencers must be able to detect what their audience likes and react to fine-tune the strategy.
  • The next thing is to create an engagement strategy because you need people to interact, to express their opinion through likes and comments.
  • The goal for future influencers is to reach a minimum of 10,000 followers, since with this number it is possible to sign up with most of the best paying influencer platforms (those that connect influencers with brands).

This whole process can take about two months, if you work in a disciplined way a profile, although you can shorten this time with AmediaSocial's inorganic strategy for the Buy TikTok Followers Malaysia.


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