10 Small Business Ideas that can be Started with no or very Little Investment

these 10 small business ideas, think about the field you have potential in and can do best. There are many proprietorship firms which do not need any investment or fund or even if it needs investment that will not be more than $100.

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10 Small Business Ideas that can be Started with no or very Little Investment
Small Business Ideas

Want to start your own business? Then, what is pushing you back- business ideas, investment, business plan, funds, or a good team? This is a world where everything can be done if you have the will to. And, we have brought a list of business ideas that can be initiated even with no or very little investment. So the problem is now solved for all your worries. All you need is to just give a head start to your career and start with a bang.

After reading these 10 small business ideas, think about the field you have potential in and can do best. Many proprietorship firms do not need any investment or fund or even if it needs investment that will not be more than $100.

ClickBank E-Products

If you are looking for starting a business with digital or electronic products, sign up on ClickBank.com. The account can be created for free and also go for social media marketing as well. Social Media is the best way to promote your products and get better returns. With this, once you earn a little amount you can upgrade to a vendor account which will not cost more than $49.95. On this platform, you can quote the money you want, there is no hard and fast rule that you’re quoted money should be less or more than the market price. This is just a commission-based firm and takes $1 and 7.5% from each sale through the website.

Reselling Old Books

After completing one grade, some of the books get useless for us. And we either give them to someone needy for free or give them to junk dealers and get money as per their weight. But, this can become a way to commence your business. You can collect old books at 25% of their MRP and sell them at a discount of 50% on MRP itself or the percentage apt as per your locality. Also, you can get connected with an E-Commerce website to sell these books.

House Painting

There are many countries and states which do not require any license for painting a house. So, if you become a painter and start with house painting and this way your investment will only be the cost of buying the equipment needed for painting.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is yet another work that you may start and you do not require any professional certificate in this. You must be handy with using equipment and you are done. Also, the equipment does not cost too much and can be brought within $100.

Taxi Service

If you have a car and don’t use it enough you can convert them into cabs and start earning without even investing your single money. After earning well, the money that you earn can help you in buying other cars for cabs and chauffeur services. And, this way even the earned money can help you invest in cabs and also will get you bigger returns each day.

Coaching or tutoring

Tutoring service is the best way for earning money these days. As most people are working thus cannot give much time for teaching their kids and hire professional teachers so that their kid’s studies do not hamper because of their hectic schedule. Also, it is not necessary that you must be an academic scholar to become a tutor you may provide coaching for any field you master in. Like sports, music, art, and craft, etc.

eBay Sales

eBay is a great platform for e-commerce and many people are signing up in the eBay seller zone to sell their products thru this platform. All you are required to create an account on eBay seller zone and start selling things immediately. Thus, you do not even need signing costs on eBay and selling products with zero registration fees but all you would need is to have a smartphone to click pictures of products and a 24*7 internet connection to upload the pictures and specifications on the platform.

Homemade chocolates

If you cooking is your passion and you love making chocolates then this is the best thing for you. Initially, you can make chocolates in bulk and continue with your regular work also. When the business gets a good response and you earn a good amount you can start up your chocolate factory.

Homemade Soaps

 You can easily learn to make soaps from online soap-making tutorials and know about making soap craft. To start this all you would need is a soap mold, packing material, and the ingredients used for making soap, which is not going to cost more than $50. Also, with such a business you can convert your hobby into a business and open ways to money.

Social Media Management

This is one of the most creative and loving jobs. You have to handle the social media accounts of your clients. If a business owner needs to promote his sales via advertising on social media platforms. You can take their project and do the social media thing and get paid while sitting back at home, working a little, and not even getting bored as you are working on social media websites. This requires a $0 investment but a laptop and internet connection.

Well, with a variety of options given to commence your business, you might be now sure what you want to opt for and earn a better amount. Also, these kinds of work do not require you to open your office and be there always. With working somewhere else, you can start with them and continue unless you make sure that yes this is it. And, that feeling can only be attained once you pull your socks and get into the field, and hit the industry. No one can assume the future returns until and unless one has experienced and once your business hits the sky all you can do is expand it and make it your full-time work.

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