How to Learn Tafseer of the Quran 

Islam is the complete code of life. Allah SWT guides us in the Holy Quran on how to live according to what Allah wants.

Mar 4, 2024 - 15:49
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How to Learn Tafseer of the Quran 
Learn Tafseer of the Quran 

Before the revelation of the Quran, Allah kept guiding people through His Prophets and Messengers by sending guidelines via scriptures and other divine books, including Tawrat, Zabur, and Injil.
Similarly, the Quran was revealed to the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW, and the revelation of Wahi was completed as there will be no other Prophet and book from Allah SWT till the Day of Judgment. Furthermore, the Quran also encompasses the teachings of previous divine books and scriptures.

The Quran has clear and complete guidelines for Muslims to lead a successful life in the light of Allah's commandments. However, to understand the message of the holy Quran, you should learn it with translation. But to learn the deep meaning and logic of the statements, you need to learn the Tafseer of the Quran. Sometimes in the Quran, there are complex structures of meaning you cannot understand without learning tafseer. In this blog, you will read how to learn the Quran Tafseer. 

Learn Quran Tafseer

You can easily learn Quran Tafseer. Here are some instructions to follow.

Make your Aim

Do you want to learn Tafseer? Ask yourself what your aim is for knowing the Tafseer of the Quran. Purely, it should be only for the sake of Allah SWT. Remember, the consequences may be whatever, you learn or not, Allah SWT sees your intentions. So, your intention for learning Tafseer must be for the cause of guiding the folk through your teaching after you learn Quran Tafseer. 
However, you should also decide at the start whether you are learning to clarify a specific issue or to deepen your understanding of the Quran and Islam. There are various courses from which you can select according to your needs. The syllabus of each course is different. 

Learn the Arabic Language 

Before diving into the vast realm of learning Quran Tafseer, it is recommended to learn the Arabic language. There are many books written in the Arabic language. So, you should register for an Arabic language course to better understand it. Online Madrasa offers a variety of Arabic language classes, including Modern Arabic and Classic or Quranic Arabic. Mastering the Arabic language can smoothen your way towards learning the Tafseer ul Quran. 

Memorization of Quran 

Do you want to become a pro-Mufassir? You will also need to memorize the Holy Quran. Memorizing the Quran will allow you to remember essential verses and related points easily. Furthermore, memorization of the Quran will also enable you to connect one verse with another in the discourse of meaning and context. As we have already suggested, you should learn Arabic to understand better. You can quickly start your journey of Quran Memorization with Online Madrasa. In the presence of skillful tutors, start memorizing the Quran with Online Madrasa. 

Choose your Course Wisely 

While learning Tafseer, choose your course wisely. The certified and professional Quran teachers at online Madrsa will guide you on what course to select for Quran Tafseer. They will also recommend Tafseer books related to your course, as there are hundreds of books, and you may get confused as a beginner. So, for choosing a course, consulting with Online Madrasa is a wise decision. 

Tafseer with a teacher 

You know treatment for some ailments, yet you wait for a doctor to prescribe it. Similarly, despite your knowledge of reading the Quran or the meaning of verses of the Quran, do not start Tafseer on your own. There are several complicated terms in the Quran that you cannot understand without the help of a teacher. Therefore, always learn Tafseer with a certified and experienced teacher. However, the services of teachers at Online Madrasa are undeniable. 

Teach to Others

The best practice of learning perfectly is to teach others what you have learned. If you have learned the truth of a verse, teach it to others. In this way, in a very short time, you can master Tafseer of the Quran. Furthermore, learning by this method will also make you remember your lessons for a long time.


After reading this blog, you can start learning Tafseer and quench your thirst for the knowledge of the Quran. It is a miracle of the Quran that once a student is determined to learn the Quran, he or she can do it. However, we have suggested some easy ways to follow and ease your journey of learning Tafseer of the Quran. 

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