10 Writing Competitions for High School Students in 2023.

From essay contests to creative writing challenges, these platforms offer a chance to showcase talent, win prizes, and open doors to literary success.

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10 Writing Competitions for High School Students in 2023.
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Writing is a powerful medium of expression, and for high school students, it can serve as a way to investigate their imagination, voice suppositions, and refine their relational abilities. Participating in writing competitions not just gives an opportunity to exhibit their ability yet additionally offers a stage to earn respect and win a valuable prize. In 2023, there are numerous writing competitions tailored specifically for high school students, spanning various genres and themes. This article will introduce you to ten such writing competitions that promise to engage, challenge, and inspire young writers.

1. Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is a preeminent and renowned nationwide rivalry that gives an unrivaled stage to secondary school students to showcase their artistic and scholarly abilities. Laid out in 1923 by Maurice R. Robinson, the competition has developed into one of the most prestigious and esteemed acknowledgment programs for youthful specialists and writers across the US. This yearly occasion, organized by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, tries to perceive, honor, and praise the inventive undertakings of youthful people, cultivating a culture of imaginative articulation and literary exploration among the young.

 2. The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest

The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest stands as a remarkable and revered platform within the spectrum of writing competitions tailored exclusively for high school students in 2023. Named in honor of the esteemed 35th Leader of the US, John F. Kennedy, this challenge is a reference point of intellectual and moral exploration for youthful personalities. At its center, the challenge is a recognition of President Kennedy's enduring commitment through the obligation to standards of courage, integrity, and leadership. That rise above political limits. It welcomes taking part in secondary school students to delve profoundly into the annals of history. And recognize a U.S.-chosen official who showed exemplary political courage.

 3. Young-Arts Competition

The YoungArts Competition is a distinguished and multifaceted arts competition designed to celebrate and recognize exceptional young artists across various disciplines, including writing. Catering to students aged 15 to 18, this competition stands as a prominent platform that aims to identify and nurture the most talented emerging artists in the United States. Founded with the mission to support and inspire the next generation of artists. The YoungArts Competition encourages young writers to showcase their literary prowess and imaginative capabilities.

 4. Letters About Literature

 Letters About Literature is a distinctive reading and writing competition designed to bridge the gap between literature and personal experience for high school students in 2023. Organized by the Library of Congress, in partnership with member state places for the book. This competition urges members to express their contemplations and emotions. And reflections through a letter addressed to a writer whose work has significantly impacted them. In this competition, youthful writers are welcome to choose a book, sonnet, or play that lastingly affects their lives.

 5. Goi Peace Foundation International Essay Contest

The Goi Peace Foundation International Essay Contest is a preeminent and globally recognized writing competition designed exclusively for high school students in the year 2023. Organized and conducted by the Goi Peace Foundation. A non-profit organization committed to fostering a culture of peace, sustainability, and global collaboration. This contest serves as a profound platform that empowers young minds to express their thoughts, insights, and visions concerning matters of global significance.

 6. Creative Communication Poetry Contest

The Creative Communication Poetry Contest stands as a prominent and captivating platform within the constellation of writing competitions tailored specifically for high school students in the year 2023. Designed to ignite the graceful passions and expressive abilities of youthful writers. This contest entices members from grades K-12 to set out on an artistic journey with the help of poetry. Recognized for its commitment to encouraging the art of poetry among the more youthful age. The Creative Communication Poetry Contest unparalleled opportunity for high school students to submerge themselves in the realm of language, imagery, and emotion.

 7. Engineer Girl Writing Contest

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) enthusiasts can partake in the Engineer Girl Writing Contest. This opposition challenges students to explore points related to engineering and technology through experimental writing. Advancing the intersection of STEM and the arts.

8. Ocean Awareness Student Contest

In an era of increasing environmental awareness, the Ocean Awareness Student Contest invites young writers to engage with critical ocean conservation issues. By submitting poetry, prose, or visual art, students contribute to a global conversation about our relationship with the oceans.

9. Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest

The Nancy Thorp Poetry Contest stands as a beacon of recognition and empowerment for young female poets within the landscape of high school writing competitions in 2023. Named in honor of Nancy Thorp, a distinguished advocate for women's education and advancement. My essay writer offers a unique platform for female high school students to share their poetic brilliance. And contribute to the realm of literature.

 10. The Claremont Review Writing Contest

Dedicated solely to young writers, The Claremont Review Writing Contest accepts submissions of poetry and fiction. It's a fantastic chance that secondary school students might see their work published. And earn respect in the literary world.


Participating in writing competitions can be a transformative experience for high school students. Fostering creativity, honing writing skills, and boosting confidence. The diverse cluster of competitions in 2023 takes care of many interests. From creative writing to essay contests that touch upon governmental issues, science, and the environment. These stages offer the opportunity to win prizes as well as give a road to youthful writers to make their voices heard and contribute genuinely to significant conversations. As you leave on your writing process, think about participating in at least one of these competitions to unleash your creative potential. And take your writing higher than ever.

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