What Are The Different Types Of Skip Bins To Hire?

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What Are The Different Types Of Skip Bins To Hire?
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As you take on home renovations or clear out clutter around your property, you may find yourself needing to dispose of a large volume of waste. While you could make numerous trips to the local waste facility, a more convenient and affordable option is to hire a skip bin like Best Price Skip Bins. Skip bins, also known as dumpsters, are large containers that you can fill up with waste for a rental company to later collect. They come in different types and sizes to meet varying needs. Here is an overview of the commontypes of skip bins to hire:


General Waste Skip Bins


General waste skips are the standard and most rented type. As their name suggests, they allow you to dispose of everyday household waste without restrictions on the materials. From old furniture and mattresses to leftover building materials and garden clippings, general skips have you covered. They are affordable and useful for small-scale clear-outs as well as major home renovations.


General waste skips come in three main size options:


     3 cubic meters – Holds approximately 600kg or 1,300lbs

     4.5 cubic meters – Holds approximately 900kg or 2,000lbs

     6 cubic meters – Holds approximately 1,200kg or 2,600lbs


The size you need depends on the volume of rubbish you aim to clear. Overfilling skips is not permitted, so always allow extra capacity.


Wood Or Green Waste Skip Bins


For garden clear-outs or if your waste consists mainly of wood materials, consider hiring a wood or green waste skip bin. As many standard landfills cannot accept organics, these skips ensure green waste is sustainably processed via compositing or similar methods.


Timber offcuts, tree loppings, leaves, lawn clippings and general garden debris can go in these bins. Many companies also allow Chinese-made or treated woods, although you will need to check. The most common wood waste skip sizes are 4, 6 and 8 cubic meters.


Soil, Brick And Concrete Skip Bins


Construction and demolition projects often produce hardened waste materials like bricks, concrete, tiles and rubble that general skip bins cannot handle. Heavy-duty soil, brick and concrete skips have thick steel sides to manage the weight. Skip companies transport these solid skips to resource recovery facilities for recycling.


Standard sizes for brick, concrete and soil skips are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cubic meters. For especially heavy materials like liquid concrete, some rental companies have specialist skips that can support extreme weights.


Asbestos Skip Bins


Asbestos is hazardous if fibers become airborne, so removing and transporting asbestos waste requires strict precautions. Never place asbestos in a regular skip. Instead, there are specially-designed asbestos skip bins that are completely sealed during transportation for safety.


Most companies offering asbestos skip bins require clients to dampen and double wrap the asbestos waste in thick plastic prior to placing it in the bins. Strict limits apply to how much asbestos you can dispose of at one time. Common asbestos skip sizes are 3 and 4 cubic meters.


Other Specialist Skip Bins


In addition to the common skip bin types above, there are other niche skip bins available from some rental companies. These include:


     Cardboard skips for recyclable cardboard and paper waste only 

     Plasterboard skips that separate out the recyclable plaster 

     Sensitive waste skips for confidential document destruction

     Mattress skips to sustainably process used mattresses

     Food waste skips for bars, restaurants and caterers 


When hiring any form of skip bin, be sure to use a reputable company that transports and handles waste legally and responsibly. Avoid operators that illegally dump rubbish to cut costs.


Choosing The Right Skip Bin Size


When deciding which size skip to hire, there are a few key factors to consider:


     Volume of waste – Estimate realistically so you hire a bin big enough but not overly large

     Type of waste – Bulky waste takes up more space; soil and bricks are heavier

     Ease of access – Large skips can be harder to load if access is tricky 

     Budget – Larger skips have a greater rental fee; find the ideal balance of size and value

     Weight restrictions – Check the tonnage the skip can hold if disposing of dense waste



By keeping these elements in mind and hiring an appropriate skip bin, you can efficiently declutter your property while keeping removal costs down. Skip bins provide a convenient rubbish disposal solution for all manner of waste.

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