Cloud Server Monitoring Software - 2023

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Cloud Server Monitoring Software - 2023
Cloud Server Monitoring

Empowering Your Cloud Server Monitoring Needs

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, efficient and reliable cloud server monitoring has become an indispensable component of maintaining optimal performance and ensuring seamless operations. As businesses increasingly rely on cloud-based infrastructures, the need for effective monitoring solutions has never been more crucial. This article delves into the world of cloud server monitoring, with a specific focus on AWS server monitoring, providing insights into its significance, benefits, and best practices.

It's improved efficiency for organizations with global access to information, user-friendly, has more cash flow, has fewer risks, and requires minimal expenditure without the burden of maintenance. Cloud technology can be a boon, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

If you run your business online, it is likely to store your servers on the cloud, and have to keep an eye on them to make sure they are available.

If you're a service provider is a requirement to be aware of every aspect, and specifically the aspects that affect your offerings, including the health of your servers. These could be indicators of performance such as the availability of network performance and storage space on disks, patching security, and many other things.

You should have complete visibility over all your software servers, servers, logs as well as stack trace traces, resource usage as well and network and business processes.

That's why your business requires secure server monitoring. In particular, you require an online server monitoring system since traditional monitoring might not work in a cloud-based environment.

Additionally, you'd never wish to face the additional hassles of maintenance and the cost that comes with traditional monitors. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for an online monitoring platform that uses SaaS to monitor your cloud servers due to:

Scalable infrastructure

The need for scalable infrastructure is vital for businesses that are growing. Instead of settling for traditional systems that do not offer this flexibility, you should consider cloud-based services. You can pick an appropriate plan based on the needs of your business.

More flexibility

Cloud server monitoring permits multiple users access, so they can work in a more unified way and concurrently. This improves collaboration among teams and allows them to see changes that are happening in real-time regardless of the device they're using.

With the help of powerful integration, you can leverage numerous services, and you do not have to send documents to each other.

Remote workspace

This year saw changes in the workplace that people would never have imagined. It increased the number of work environments that are location independent that communicated as well as collaborated using cloud services and allowed conferences and other projects to be conducted online. This is why cloud-based services are becoming more popular in monitoring.


Budget is another factor that SMBs face. However, a cloud-based solution will help you reduce the amount of your budget. You only pay for the features you use, as opposed to traditional solutions.

All of these factors provide proof of the effectiveness of cloud-based solutions.

Let's now examine some best server monitoring tools for your company.

# 5 Cloud-based Server Monitoring 


Dotcom-Monitor is a complete end-to-end monitoring solution that provides visibility in IT Infrastructure health. It can monitor the performance and functionality of a variety of internet services through an adaptable platform.

You'll need everything you'll need to track performance, functionality, and uptime. It all starts at:

  • Streaming media: It checks the audio or video streaming services for issues with performance, availability, and errors.
  • The FTP Server is responsible for monitoring protocols, including the possibility of logging in and out of directories, and server availability.
  • DNS The DNS monitors DNS uptime and availability to determine the connectivity to the site.
  • Email Server It checks the functionality and availability of the SMTP POP3/IMAP4 mail servers, exchange, and POP3/IMAP4 email servers together with DNS blocking list monitoring.
  • VoIP is a system that monitors and confirms the number of phones and SIP services available.
  • Network: It tracks the time to respond and availability of the network protocols and ports including UDP TCP Port/Telnet ICMP Ping, and traceroute.

DotcomMonitor connects various monitoring agencies all over the world, ensuring that you receive immediate alerts and even diagnostics when there is a problem. You can create specific alerts that are based on the business's configuration and then set your alert groups so that they immediately inform your team when changes are made.

Make sure your team has the information they need to fix the problem quickly to boost the performance of your server. There are monitoring reports available to assess the performance of third-party vendors.

Begin your journey with $35.95/month and receive DNS DNS Blacklist, FTP, 1180min check frequency 30, 30 locations, etc. You can avail a 30-day trial for free.

New Relic

The monitoring of the whole infrastructure can be simple using the latest version of Relic. It's not only a provider of Windows and Linux server monitoring, but everything you require to monitor your entire application infrastructure as well as the network, serverless, and more. It's easy to use, but robust and inexpensive, which means you can easily expand it when you require it.

New Relic offers to monitor for cloud and in-house servers such as AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean along Microsoft Azure.

Monitor the application's metrics for MySQL database Log files, MySQL database, Apache server, custom scripts, OS processes Swap usage Windows applications, JVM, Active Directory as well as Windows Event logs. Conduct internal and external monitoring through protocols like ICMP, SSH, TCP, SMTP/SMTPs, POP3/POP3s, HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, and IMAP/IMAP.

Keep track of network metrics such as Ping packet loss, ping, SNMP devices, jitter latency, and network interfaces. New Relic lets you customize Slack and email alerts as well as methods to eliminate false alerts.

You can set up alerts according to the severity of the problem or status change rules components' dependencies, error or warning thresholds, and the responsibilities of staff members. Create dependency charts that show the relationship between servers, network devices, and databases, as well as other components.

Create an online dashboard that displays your data in the manner you want it. Start by registering at no cost.


Monitor cloud servers and instances effortlessly with CloudStats to monitor cloud servers and instances easily. It is compatible with Amazon EC2, Windows server, Azure VM, Debian as well as CentOS.

You may also monitor the capabilities of the Windows or Linux dedicated server that is based on Linux or Windows, or a cloud server. It tracks your website's URL, along with expiration dates of SSL certificates. SSL Certificates and issues alerts when it detects any issues.

Backups of servers are made in Amazon S3 or local storage. Additionally, you will be able to monitor the processes that consume additional server resources. You can also add co-founders as well as administrators of the system with appropriate permissions to view the statistics.

CloudStats lets you configure alerts that are based on your preferences and lets you send these alerts to team members, too. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard with simple navigation and colors to make things clear at a glance.

Don't be concerned about the security of your data; CloudStats utilizes a secure SSL connection to transmit information securely to an automated monitoring system. They offer pricing plans for small and medium-sized enterprises and enterprises too.

Server Density

Find a proactive monitoring tool for your infrastructure, which includes web servers and cloud services and containers, from Server Density, a company owned by StackPath. The dashboard is clear and displays key statistics and graphs to provide you with a more complete understanding of the monitoring stats.

These are metrics that include website availability as well as notifications, availability of API processes, and the status of the various systems, such as Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, and others. Server Density assists you in identifying issues before they create incidents, pressure your team, or even affect your customers.

This means that you can identify issues quickly without impacting the downtime. The solution is simple and fast to set up and cross-platformable for Windows, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Mac, and FreeBSD.

Server Density also supports the installation of automated agents using its API, and the integration of Ansible Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, and Puppet. Integrate ServerDensity with a range of solutions which include MongoDB, MySQL, Varnish Cache, Redis, Elasticsearch, Nginx, HAProxy, Apache, Kafka, Hadoop HDFS, and many more.

It can send alerts based on information sent to them via the agent they use, SNMP, API, or stated. In addition, you can use this together with Docker as well as Kubernetes to carry out monitoring of the container cluster. It can even notify you of the presence of errors that match complicated numbers and strings.

When you use Server Density, you can choose to delay or wait for alerts to ensure that alerts are genuine or to automate alert management. Receive alerts from various channels such as SMS email, Slack Pages, emails, Pagerduty, or webhooks.

Grafana Cloud

The observability solution that is composable Grafana Cloud makes use of top open-source software such as Prometheus, Tempo as well and Loki and integrates metrics and logs into Grafana. It eliminates the burden of installing, scaling, and managing the whole observability system.

It offers stunning graphs, useful alerts, and insightful logs in a matter of just a few minutes. Select the monitoring option to install a Prometheus-inspired Agent set up to display alerts or dashboards and then visualize the results. Grafana Cloud offers multiple options to save, store data, display, and read notifications on your data.

It comes with monitoring of the entire stack to teams in search of a complete solution, and who need to install and get operating quickly. You may also opt for the Bring Your Data (BYOD) method if you are a member of a team that already has Prometheus, Graphite, or Loki but requires a central view of different instances, long-term storage, and faster query performance.

Grafana Cloud is designed using the most recent technologies and distributed systems that can scale to your infrastructure and application. There are no artificial limits or restrictions, only actual horizontal scaling. In the end, it is possible to scale up to 100 million+ metrics and avail 30 days of log retention along with 13 months of retention for metrics that are beneficial for capacity planning and trend analysis.

Their team assists you in reducing operating costs by maintaining and directing your services, such as automatic upgrades, assured availability of the platform, scalability, 24/7 support for call backups, and security patches.

Utilizing the Grafana instance of the Cloud Stack it is possible to access data from over 60 data sources and display them through an identical interface. The resources include GitHub, Snowflake, Zabbix, Elasticsearch, Graph, Graphite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Prometheus, AJAX, Azure Monitor, Datadog, Dynatrace, Google Sheets, JIRA, JSON, New Relic, Redis, and many more.

In addition, Grafana Cloud has a free plan that includes a 10k series of Graphite as well as Prometheus measures, 50GB of logs, and 14-day retention of metrics and logs as well as up to three users.

You can move into Pro following a 14-day trial. trial. They provide complete transparency on the monthly usage as well as estimated bills with a comprehensive report every time you need it. Set up billing alerts to be informed when your usage fluctuates.

The Significance of Cloud Server Monitoring

In the realm of cloud computing, server monitoring serves as a sentinel, vigilantly observing the health and performance of your virtual resources. Whether you're running critical applications, hosting websites, or managing databases, real-time monitoring allows you to detect issues before they escalate into major problems. It enables you to take proactive measures, ensuring uninterrupted service availability and optimal user experiences.

Key Benefits of Cloud Server Monitoring

  1. Early Issue Detection: Cloud server monitoring tools offer a comprehensive view of your infrastructure's health, alerting you to potential bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, or resource constraints.

  2. Optimized Resource Allocation: Monitoring data assists in identifying underutilized or overutilized resources, enabling you to allocate them efficiently and reduce costs.

  3. Enhanced User Experience: By addressing performance issues promptly, you maintain consistent and satisfactory user experiences, preventing frustration and loss of revenue.

  4. Security and Compliance: Monitoring helps you identify and address security breaches or unauthorized access attempts, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

AWS Server Monitoring: Unveiling the Power of Insights

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading cloud service provider, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for monitoring your cloud environment. By leveraging AWS server monitoring capabilities, you can gain deep insights into your infrastructure's performance and take data-driven actions.

Monitoring Metrics using CloudWatch

The AWS CloudWatch is a cloud-based platform to monitor various metrics, including the utilization of CPUs along with network traffic and storage utilization. These metrics give you a real-time overview of your resources, making it possible to see patterns and trends.

Alarm System for Automated Responses

CloudWatch Alarms let you define thresholds for specific metrics. If a threshold is exceeded, CloudWatch triggers automated responses including sending notifications or performing predefined actions, which ensures immediate attention to issues that require urgent attention.

Log Analysis using CloudTrail

AWS CloudTrail captures API activity across your AWS account, and provides important information about who used resources and what actions they took. It plays an important role in ensuring compliance and security.

Best Practices for Effective Cloud Server Monitoring

  1. Definition of Relevant Metrics Pick metrics that correspond with your business goals and monitor the performance indicators that directly affect the user experience and utilization of resources.

  2. Create Baselines Know the usual behaviour of your infrastructure by setting benchmark metrics. Any deviation from these baselines could indicate potential problems.

  3. Set up Alerts judiciously: Configure alerts based on thresholds that are actionable. A lot of alerts could result in alert fatigue and too few could cause serious issues that be overlooked.

  4. regular analysis: Analyze monitoring information continuously to detect patterns to plan capacity growth and optimize allocation of resources.

  5. Embed Automation: Leverage automation tools to react to alerts, increase resources, and complete routine tasks, with less the need for manual intervention.

Conclusion: Unleash the Power of Cloud Server Monitoring

In today's dynamic world that is cloud computing efficient monitoring of servers is the pillar for operational efficiency. If you're running a small-scale application or an extensive infrastructure, the information that monitoring tools provide will allow you to make educated decisions in reducing risks, and offer seamless services for your customers.

Best Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Software

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