What Is The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation?

There are many differences between a thesis and a Dissertation. Like a thesis is shorter than a dissertation, Thesis doesn’t contain new research or original research. And it Is done by the master’s student. While the dissertation is done by the PhD students.

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What Is The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation?

You are most probably a student who just heard these two words thesis and Dissertation and are keen to know about them. You might have heard these in a group of classmates talking about the difficult assignment that is required to submit to get a degree. And you are not sure what it is. Because some of them are mentioning it as a thesis. And some are concerned about the dissertation. You have the right to get confused because these two terms are used for defining each other. Which makes it even more difficult to understand what they mean. Or what is the difference between them?  So, let's discuss their definition. 

What is a Thesis?

A thesis is an in-depth research about a topic. But it is not always the original research by the student. It might be the conclusion of the previous research on that topic. And there is no new addition of knowledge and information in it by the student. 

It shows that the student is capable of researching topics. And can gather information on that topic. And it is most certainly about those topics that the students are studying in the course. 

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is an in-depth research about a topic. And in this research, the student can add his learnings, Practices, or any type of new knowledge. A dissertation is the assignment of the last year of the Ph.D. level. And to earn a degree in the field. The students have to complete the dissertation. And submit it. Both Undergraduate and Masters students have to work on it. Dissertation and thesis are mostly used to indicate each other. But there are plenty of differences between them. So, let's explore the differences between them.

Difference between Thesis and Dissertation:

The most basic difference that is enough to differentiate both of them is that the thesis is previous research and not the original research of the student. And there is no new contribution from the student in it. While in the dissertation the students add more findings or new concepts. And in the dissertation, the students have more than 6 months or a year to complete. A dissertation is a lot harder than in the UK and that is why the students search for the dissertation writing service"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":12674, "4":{"1":2, "2":16777215}, "10":0, "11":4, "15": "Roboto", "16":11}">cheap dissertation writing service.

Some of the other differences are:

1) Thesis is usually an assignment for master’s level students. While the dissertation is the assignment of the Ph.D. students. 

2) If we compare both thesis and dissertation then a thesis is a lot shorter. Because there is not much new information in it. 

3) A thesis is a research in which there are a lot of important points for the students or the readers. While in the dissertation the key points are based on the hypothesis. And on the findings or the basis of the research. 

Differences in their Structures:

Although there is no such difference in the structures of both thesis and dissertation. There are all the same things like the Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Literature review, Methodology, and Appendix. While the only difference among these in terms of structure is their length. As I mentioned above, the thesis is a bit shorter than the dissertation. And its length is probably around 100 pages. While the dissertation is a bit longer.

Their Meaning in Different Countries:

Most students are confused about these two because of the terms in which they are used. Like in most countries these two words are used to represent each other. And it is because of their similarities. And like many differences, there are plenty of similarities between them. 

Like if we discuss Europe then in Europe a student who is studying for a Ph.D. has to complete a thesis for their degree. But the dissertation is necessary for higher-level studies.

But if we see both of them as per the USA then these are completely different. As if the student is doing a Master then he has to do the thesis assignment. While for the other research method, the students who are studying for the Ph.D. have to complete it to get their degree.

Although both of the research is done because the purpose is to analyze the knowledge and learning of the students. And both types of research play a vital role in the development of the students. Both enhance the abilities of the research abilities.


Thesis and dissertation both are types of academic research that are the most interchangeable among the students. There are plenty of similarities between them. But like the similarities, there are plenty of differences between them. Some of the differences are that the thesis is shorter.  And in the thesis, there is no new knowledge or information present. While the dissertation is the complete opposite.

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