Key Grammar Pitfalls Every Content Writer Should Sidestep

What are the common grammar mistakes that content writers make? Read on to learn how to correct the sentences.

Nov 24, 2023 - 21:11
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Key Grammar Pitfalls Every Content Writer Should Sidestep
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Every content writer needs to have a good grasp of grammar but even the most trained writers and content creators make mistakes. Often, the mistakes are grave bring down the quality of the content, and leave a bad impression among the readers.

If you want to improve your writing skills, the best way to begin is by learning the grammar rules. However, it often becomes tough to remember the grammar rules. That is why a professional content writer for hire">content writer for hire spots them while writing and corrects them instantly.

There may be tons of grammar mistakes but here are the most common mistakes that content writers need to avoid:

What Do Professional Content Writing Services Do To Avoid Grammar Mistakes in Writing?

Are you an aspiring content writer for whom grammar mistakes seem embarrassing?  With a little effort and hard work, you can boost your writing skills and create flawless content to engage the audience just like professional website content writing services. Read on to learn the common grammar mistakes you need to avoid during content writing:

·         You’re and Your

Often, writers end up inserting homophones wrongly or misuse them while writing content. However, the truth is that replacing one in place of another not only affects the quality of the sentence but also changes the meaning. While “you’re” combines two words you and are, “your” is something that you possess or anything that belongs to you. So, it would be “How is your dad doing” and “You’re as good as a professional writer”.

·         Errors in Subject-verb Agreement 

Many writers make the mistake of writing sentences where the subject and the verb do not match. Typically, they need to match in singular and plural, meaning that both the subject and the verb need to be either singular or plural. When you hire a website content writer, be sure to check the knowledge and skills of grammar.

·         Fragmented Sentences 

When a sentence misses a complete verb or an independent clause, it is considered incomplete and eventually incorrect. The mistakes occur when the meanings of both sentences are similar. For instance, “I don’t like to eat noodles. Because I dislike the taste” needs to be corrected to “I don’t like to eat noodles as I dislike the taste.

·         Placing the Apostrophes Wrongly

Apostrophes are one of the vastly misused parts of grammar. You need to either place it before “s” or after “s”. So, it should be “the boys’ room” and “the girl’s mother”. Usually, apostrophes are only used to indicate contraction or possession. You need to place them correctly during product description writing while referring to products and users.

·         Using Passive Voice

Using passive voice introduces errors in the content and makes it unclear. It usually occurs when the object within the sentence comes first, although it should stay at the end. When you write in passive voice, the noun becomes the receiver of actions. That is why SEO content writing services train their employees and encourage them to write content in an active voice. With an active voice, sentences are clearer to understand. So, you need to correct the sentence “The wall was painted by the man” and write “The main painted the wall”.

·         Incomplete Comparisons

A majority of budding writers make incomplete comparisons in various sentences, and although it may not be a big mistake, it will eventually downgrade the quality of the sentence. For instance, you may write “The car is faster and more advanced”, which may not look wrong initially but “The car is faster and more advanced than mine”.

·         Dangling Modifiers 

A dangling modifier is a word or phrase that is separate and different from the word that it aims to modify. It not only makes the sentence sound weird but reduces its readability as well. When the sentence is not clear about what it aims to modify, you will leave the readers more confused.

·         Using the Pronouns Wrongly 

Pronouns usually replace nouns but using the wrong form of the actual word is a bad decision. So, don’t use “there” when you should insert”their” or “its” instead of “it’s” when it is needed. If you want to avoid such errors, check the consistency and the clarity of sentences.

·         Comma Splice

When you connect two independent sentences, use a coordinating conjunction or a period instead of a comma, or else it would be called a comma splice. It is by far one of the most common mistakes that writers often make, especially when using transition words like furthermore, however, and nevertheless. If you are not a punctuation expert, be sure to check the correctness of the content before publishing.

There are dozens of grammar mistakes to run down when writing content. However, the ones mentioned here are overviews of the common mistakes you need to steer clear of before the content goes live.

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