Luxurious Glam: Royal Weddings to Be Inspired By

Getting ready for a fancy wedding, royal couples kick things off with a big show that's all about fancy stuff and old-school customs.

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Luxurious Glam: Royal Weddings to Be Inspired By

Getting ready for a fancy wedding, royal couples kick things off with a big show that's all about fancy stuff and old-school customs.


From the moment they say they're getting hitched to the fancy photo sessions that get everyone excited, it's like they're doing a dance towards their happily-ever-after. And in all the fancy stuff, one thing really steals the spotlight and makes everything even fancier - the super fancy wedding dresses.


These iconic wedding dresses are like the heart and soul of the royal party, telling a story of being super rich, classy, and always in style.

Majestic Beginnings

Starting their happy marriage journey, royal couples plan a super cool kickoff. From saying they're getting hitched to taking fancy photos, you can feel the excitement in the air as much as you can see the sparkle in their eyes.

Palaces Turned Wedding Halls

Picture saying your "I dos" in halls that have heard lots of history. Royal weddings use places that go beyond the usual, turning palaces into fairy-tale spots. Mixing history and love makes an atmosphere that's super grand and unlike anything else.

Regal Attire

The clothes the bride and groom wear are like works of art. Their fancy gowns are super detailed, with jewels and fancy crowns that scream sophistication. Every stitch and accessory has a story of tradition and grace.


But the real stars of the royal outfits are the super luxurious wedding gowns. These carefully designed masterpieces, blinged out with jewels and made with tons of skill, steal the spotlight. The bridal gowns, a beautiful display of elegance, bring an extra touch of magic to the whole celebration.

Culinary Extravaganza

A royal party isn't finished without some seriously good food that makes your taste buds go wild. They serve fancy feasts with a bunch of delicious dishes, each one made with a ton of care to make sure everyone loves it. It's like a signature thing at these weddings.

Balancing Heritage and Modernity

Even though royal weddings keep up with the times, they stick to old-school traditions. The ceremonies mix cultural customs with modern ways of showing love, kind of connecting the past and the future.


Ephemeral Bliss: Capturing the Moment

In all the fancy stuff, what really makes a royal wedding special is catching those real, heartfelt moments. Photographers use their cameras to tell a story, capturing the love, happiness, and serious moments that make these unions so extraordinary.

Inspirational Royal Weddings

We're totally obsessed with the fancy and grand stuff in royal weddings. Let's dive into the awesome world of famous royal marriages, checking out what makes them so luxurious and glamorous.


For ages, royal weddings have been all about being super fancy, classy, and costing a ton.


Think about Grace Kelly tying the knot with Prince Rainier III of Monaco in 1956 or Princess Diana and Prince Charles's unforgettable wedding in 1996 – these moments always get us hooked.


And when they spill the beans on those sparkly diamond engagement rings, we can't help but focus on the stunning wedding dresses and the amazing places where they say their "I dos."

A Glimpse into Timeless Elegance

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco - 1956

In a storybook setting, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III got hitched in a wedding that's forever in history. They had a legal ceremony on April 18th, followed by a big Catholic one at Saint Nicholas Cathedral on April 19th, and more than 30 million people around the world tuned in to watch the whole thing.


The place was decked out with tons of white lilacs and lilies of the valley, creating a fancy backdrop for a feast with super indulgent foods like caviar, lobster, and champagne. And get this - the wedding cake was six layers tall and weighed a crazy 200 pounds, looking like Monaco's Pink Palace.


Now, let's talk about Grace Kelly's legendary wedding dress. It cost $8,000 back in 1956 and was designed by Helen Rose from MGM. The dress was a real work of art, made from 300 yards of vintage Belgian lace and 150 yards of taffeta, tulle, and silk. It was covered in hundreds of tiny pearls and had a high neckline. Even today, it's a big inspiration for brides, including Kate Middleton.


The best part of this super fancy event was Grace Kelly's wedding dress, which set the bar for being super rich and classy. The crazy details and craftsmanship, which would cost around $68,000 today, make it a total inspiration for anyone looking for the most luxurious wedding outfit.

Prince Abdullah Bin Al-hussein and Rania Al-yassin - 1993

In 1993, Prince Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein and Rania Al-Yassin had a super fancy wedding at Zahran Palace in Amman, Jordan. Rania wore a special Ell Saab gown made by British designer Bruce Oldfield - a sleek, sleeveless white dress for the evening bash.


More than 2,000 guests, including royals from all over, came to the big party, and it was such a big deal that they even declared a national holiday in Jordan for it. And here's the extra wow factor – Prince Abdullah gave Rania a diamond and tourmaline engagement ring, making the whole thing even more splendid.

Princess Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah and Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini - 2012

In 2012, Princess Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah of Brunei had a really fancy wedding with Pengiran Haji Muhammad Ruzaini at her dad's big palace. The whole thing was over-the-top, lasting for several days and showing off the Sultan's massive spending.


The Princess rocked a beige and silver crystal beaded gown, dripping in diamonds, and she looked amazing with diamond and gemstone jewelry, a diamond crown, and a bouquet of jeweled flowers. They mixed tradition with all the richness, with crystal flowers having eggs that symbolized fertility at the ceremony.

Catherine Middleton and Prince William - 2011

In 2011, Kate Middleton and Prince William had a huge wedding at Westminster Abbey, making history. It was such a big deal in the UK that they even had a day off, and the event led to more than 5,000 street parties and millions of people watching along the route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.


Kate's wedding dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, was a nod to Grace Kelly's classic style. The satin bodice had floral designs cut from lace, and the sleeves were decorated with hand-cut Chantilly lace, showing off some serious traditional craftsmanship.


Here's a cool part: Prince William gave Kate a wedding ring made from Welsh gold, keeping up a tradition in the British Monarchy since 1923. The whole thing cost about £20 million, but it brought in a whopping £2 billion in tourism.

Drawing Inspiration for Your Own Extravaganza


Thinking back on these super fancy royal weddings, let the beauty of gorgeous dresses, fancy venues, special traditions, and amazing flowers inspire your own wedding dreams. Imagine the classic elegance of super fancy wedding gowns stealing the show and adding a touch of royal style to any celebration. Hope these stories of grandeur get the creative juices flowing for those starting their journey to happily ever after.

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