Top 10 API Testing Tools

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Oct 30, 2023 - 20:14
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Top 10 API Testing Tools
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For effective API test automation and results, the appropriate API testing tools must be used. For this reason, we go over the top 10 API testing tools below.

  1. Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is an automation solution for numerous applications, including mobile, online, desktop, and API. It enables your team with CI/CD-related integrations and supports Rest and SOAP. 

  1. SoapUI

SoapUI is a dedicated, headless functional testing tool that enables users to easily test SOAP, Rest, and Web Services APIs. It supports CI/CD integrations and data-driven testing.

The test code you write in SoapUI can also be reused.

  1. Tosca del trecento

Another fantastic tool for DevOps and Agile is Tricentis Tosca. It supports a number of protocols, including TIBCO EMS, IBM MQ, and others. In this API testing tool, you can also reuse the test code for test automation. 

  1. Apigee

Apigee is an excellent API testing tool for evaluating the product's performance and quality. It also supports APIs developed using third-party tools like Apigee, Swagger, and others. With the help of this tool, you can monitor the performance of the API by looking at metrics like error rates, API traffic, and response times. 

  1. Postman

A browser extension called Postman API testing is now accessible on both Windows and Mac computers. It is great for QA teams and testers who don't want to deal with the same programming language that developers use in an integrated development environment.

For the QA team, utilizing Postman to test APIs is simple and hassle-free.

  1. JMeter

Initially designed for load testing, JMeter. But functional testing makes frequent use of it. It facilitates replaying test results and evaluating resource performance dynamically. You may locate API test parameters and deal with CSV data using this tool.

  1. Rest-Assured

You can easily test Rest APIs with Rest-Assured. The user does not have to develop new code to use its many capabilities. To utilize this API testing tool, the user doesn't need to be an expert in HTTP.

  1. Assertible

The automation and dependability of the Assertible API testing tool are designed in. Your CI/CD pipeline API testing can be automated with the help of this tool. The tests can also get specific modifications from the QA team, which would result in an automatic update.

  1. Swagger

Performance, security, and functional testing are all made easy using the Swagger API testing tool. The QA team can manage, generate, and use API tests in the CI/CD pipeline much more quickly thanks to its platform. 

  1. Kung Fu DSL

Karate is a dependable and distinctive tool for testing APIs. It self-writes Karate step definitions and tests the product's functionality. As the solution takes care of that requirement automatically, you may jump right into testing your product. 

Karate is the recommended discipline for newcomers.

the significance of API testing

Unit tests come first in a typical testing pyramid, followed by server tests and then UI tests. The server tests include API testing. We cannot, however, ignore the reality that API testing is commonly disregarded.

Why API testing is crucial is as follows:

If you believe that unit tests can cover all bases and produce excellent results, then you are mistaken. Back-end testing cannot be covered by your unit tests. It implies that these are inadequate for fully comprehending API services and the functional pathways leading to these services. 

You would encounter UI-level issues if you still choose to proceed. Once you've made that error, it will be far more expensive to correct it than it was earlier. Now you have to redo a significant portion of the code and put off the release.

Starting API testing early is the only option we have. For instance, a given request will never provide the correct result in the UI tests if it doesn't deliver the value you expected in the server tests. That is not feasible. You can avoid depending on UI tests in this manner. Your API tests can be run much too early in the development cycle. This would contribute to at least a 50% reduction in bugs.

Let's not assume that UI testing for APIs is being ignored in this situation. These tests are the only ones that can be used to check the user experience because there are a number of flaws and faults that can only be discovered during GUI testing. The conclusion is that you must focus on your API testing throughout the development process. 

Guidelines For API Testing

We offer some advice before you begin using API testing tools. The ten ideal principles for API testing are covered in the section below. You may start off on the right foot by using these suggestions.

  • Test the typical or anticipated outcome first.

  • Add stress to the system by doing numerous load tests.

  • Always run a test that fails. You must be aware of your API's weak points.

  • Utilize group exercises based on several categories.

  • To make it easier for the team to accelerate testing, use API function calls.

  • Utilize the most variables possible and maintain the highest level of isolation.

  • Examine the API's handling of unforeseen loads and issues.

  • Sequence your calls using a plan.

  • Use test cases for each possible API input combination.

  • whenever possible, automate API tests using API testing tools.

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It is critical to comprehend that a variety of stakeholders, including designers, programmers, and business professionals, play vital roles in the development of software products. These stakeholders devote a lot of time, money, and effort to developing practical solutions. Consider including manual testing as part of your testing plan to make sure your software fulfills their expectations and produces high-quality outcomes.

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