Pipe Repair Without Digging Ground - Trenchless Pipe Lining

Leaky or clogged pipes under your home or building can cause water damage, unhealthy sewer gases, high utility bills, and other dangers.

Feb 27, 2024 - 21:12
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Pipe Repair Without Digging Ground - Trenchless Pipe Lining
Trenchless Pipe Lining

Traditionally, fixing damaged underground pipes required major excavation to access and replace them – tearing up your yard or floors and creating huge costly messes. 

Thankfully, as per experts in the field The Relining Company, pipe repair without digging ground or trenchless pipe lining provides a clever way to restore pipes without digging. Resin-saturated liners are installed inside old pipes to essentially create new pipes. Here’s how it works as a perfect alternative to traditional pipe replacement.

Eliminating the Need to Dig

Trenchless pipe lining is a gamechanger – restoring your drainage, water supply, and sewer lines via small access holes from outside or inside the building. After lines are inspected with cameras, special liners coated with epoxy resins are strung into pipes through these access points.

Once positioned correctly, the liner material is inflated with air pressure, ensuring it contacts and bonds tightly to the old pipe walls. The epoxy is then cured with hot water, steam, or LED UV lighting, hardening the liners. After cooling, strong and lasting pipe walls are in place without any digging or demolition.

Pipe Lining Advantages

There are many impressive benefits to the pipe lining approach vs. conventional pipe replacement requiring excavation:

Far Less Property Damage – No tearing up floors, landscaping, driveways or structures to access pipes since access holes are only 18-24” wide.

Lowers Costs – By avoiding large-scale digging, pipe lining cuts expense significantly with projects often half the price.  

Less Disruption – Projects require very little demolition and can often be completed in one day, minimizing impact to homes or businesses.

Added Pipe Flow – Epoxy coatings are very smooth, so pipe lining can actually increase flow rates in some water and sewer systems due to less friction.

Enhanced Durability - Epoxy liners are resistant to corrosion and provide up to 50-100 years of life to restore aging pipes.

Reduced Environmental Impact – With no excavation or construction equipment needed, pipe lining is far cleaner for the environment.

The Pipe Lining Process Step-By-Step

Every trenchless pipe lining project follows this general process:

1. Line Inspection – Technicians use specialized cameras on tractors or plungers to thoroughly inspect the pipeline and identify damage.

2. Access Point Creation – Based on inspection findings, optimal interior or exterior access holes are strategically cut into the pipe system. 

3. Pipe Cleaning - The line is thoroughly cleaned using hydraulic jetters or other methods so liners can adhere properly.

4. Liner Installation – Resin-coated liners are maneuvered through access holes by workers or robots and pulled fully through the pipe.

5. Curing & Cooling – Layers are carefully inflated and the resin cured with hot water, steam, or UV light to harden liners, which are then cooled. 

6. Access Point Repair – All access holes are sealed and refinished so that floors, walls, and landscaping appear untouched. 

7. Final Testing – Companies camera inspect the project again, check for leaks, and test flow to ensure full pipe function.


If your underground pipes need repair, pipe lining delivers an outstanding and innovative solution. This allows pipe reconstruction without major digging or destruction to structures and landscaping. Contact trenchless pipe lining pros near you to restore your pipes effectively and affordably.

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