How to Choose a Polo Shirt for Men?

Polo shirts are an indispensable part of any man's wardrobe, worn everywhere from business executives on the golf course to hip-hop moguls on stage.

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How to Choose a Polo Shirt for Men?
How to Choose a Polo Shirt for Men?
How to Choose a Polo Shirt for Men?

Polo shirts are an indispensable part of any man's wardrobe, worn everywhere from business executives on the golf course to hip-hop moguls on stage.

Polos typically feature either cotton or synthetic/natural blend fabric. Be wary of polos with prominent logos as these may look tacky and outdated.

Rene Lacoste is widely renowned as the inventor of modern polo shirts in the 1920s. To expand into fashion, he added a crocodile emblem to his garments.


Polo shirts are form-fitting garments designed to fit snugly against your body, whether tucked in or left out of trousers. Their slightly rounded shoulders taper into short sleeves with two or three buttons at the heart of their collar - they come in both men's and women's styles!

Polo shirts can be constructed using various fabrics, with the most frequently seen being pique. Pique is an exceptionally durable yet flexible fabric perfect for sportswear and formal cotton dress shirts - and its use was made popular by Lacoste.

Polo shirts made of jersey are also available and offer more stretch and breathability, which makes them suitable for casual wear or sports activities. Polyester fabric, however, should be avoided as it leaks microplastics when washed - further harming the environment.


Fabric selection is of utmost importance when purchasing a Polo shirt, so seek a fabric made of soft yet sturdy cotton knit that offers maximum breathability and durability against repeated use and washings.

Pique fabric is the staple for polo shirts, featuring a thick cotton double weave with waffle-like textures that provide strength and breathability. Pique can often be found in both casual sportswear as well as formal dress shirts due to its versatility.

Other materials for polo shirt fabric options include wool, silk, and synthetics; synthetics are often featured in athletic polos featuring unique properties like silver to reduce odor or UV protection. Polyester shirts tend to be less breathable and wrinkle easily while often smelling bad and looking cheap-looking; to achieve stylish yet luxurious shirts try opting for silk-cotton blends that feature quality hallmarks such as taped shoulder seams, smooth flat seams, and buttons made with genuine mother-of-pearl buttons.


Clothing materials play an essential role not only in aesthetics but also practicality, comfort, and fit - this holds especially true when selecting casual and versatile garments such as the polo shirt.

Cotton pique and jersey knit fabrics are two popular choices for polo fabrics. Pique is constructed using a woven pattern that gives it its characteristic raised texture, providing resistance against sweaty surfaces while adding structure and depth to the material. Polo shirts made from this material typically feature long sleeves with ribbed bands/cuffs.

A classic polo t- shirt online usually features two buttons; however, more can be added for an increased variety. They should always be stitched onto an invisible placket for a neater overall appearance.


Polo shirts make excellent promotional vehicles because they can be personalized with logos and text using screen printing or embroidery methods, as well as selected to complement their style. Logos may be placed front, back, sleeves, and collar.

Embroidered polo shirts make great company uniforms because they look professional while being both comfortable and easy to wash, making them an excellent choice for busy offices. In addition, employees in non-office jobs like plumbing or exterminating may wear them during workdays while retailers use them as promotions for their brands.

Though we typically advise against logos on clothing, small logos on polo shirts may be acceptable. Large logos should be avoided altogether. Instead, try selecting an understated design that matches the color of the knit for more appealing customer interactions.

Full Sleeves

Full sleeves t-shirts for men online come in an assortment of styles and colors to meet any preference. Choose a check long-sleeved shirt to pair with black jeans or distressed cargo pants for a casual date with your significant other, or go formal with a polo shirt for more formal events.

These cotton t-shirts are soft and comfy and come in an assortment of classic and trendy colors - ideal for layering in colder climates.

Everlane offers one of our favorite full-sleeve ribbed shirts: its high stitch count allows it to last longer while its ultra-soft Supima cotton makes for an incredible wear experience.

CloudKnit fabric blend is stretchy and breathable for superior comfort, perfect for everyday wear. Reviewers love its flattering fit and easy style - plus the wide array of contemporary colors! CloudKnit makes for comfortable layering without overheating.


No matter if you need a high-performance garment or something functional for everyday use, there's a custom polo shirt out there to meet your requirements. The best ones are made of cotton or polyester and offer moisture-wicking properties which keep you cool and dry when the temperature rises. These colorful glasses come in an array of hues, from the standard to the unusual - making them suitable for anyone from office goers to gym bunnies. The best shirts boast features like snag-free necklines, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, and dri-fit technology that will make you feel like a million bucks.

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