Crash Course On Steps To Effectively Dismiss QuickBooks Error PS101

Sep 26, 2023 - 02:25
Sep 26, 2023 - 02:25
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Crash Course On Steps To Effectively Dismiss QuickBooks Error PS101

The payroll function might be one of the important features in QuickBooks Desktop, and the function needs regular updates and maintenance releases to run correctly. But sometimes, there might be issues with the update process due to some common errors, like QuickBooks Error PS101, which can get triggered due to some common causes, like Windows firewall obstructions. QuickBooks error code PS101 is accompanied by a message stating, then “The payroll update did not complete correctly,” and can be easily resolved with the help of the reasons & effective solutions provided in this article below.

In case you are facing update issues in QB payroll and the solutions given below seem too technical or challenging, you can call our team of QB experts at +1-855-948-3646 to get immediate guidance with the error.

QuickBooks Payroll Error PS101: A Brief Overview

There are many common errors that can recur in QuickBooks, and the PS series of errors are one of those. QuickBooks error PS101 is one such error that can prevent users from performing the update process in QB successfully. To run the payroll updates with ease, you can use the resolution steps, as some common factors mentioned below can cause this error.

Early Signs & Symptoms for QuickBooks Update Error PS101

The following common symptoms might signal update issues in QB on a yearly basis –

  • There are issues while performing simple payroll functions in QB, like direct deposit features.
  • The payroll updates in QB keep failing repeatedly with an error message stating, “QuickBooks has encountered a problem.”
  • Your QuickBooks Desktop application starts crashing, then the app performance slows down.
  • Other applications in the PC might get affected and face crashing & performance issues like QB.
  • Your Windows OS might start lagging or freezing, then the desktop might close out of the blue.

Main Reasons & Possible Triggers for QuickBooks Desktop Error PS101

QuickBooks error message PS101 can get triggered due to the common causes & primary factors mentioned below –

  • Windows firewall or an anti-virus application is causing obstruction in QB, which can prevent users from running the update process successfully.
  • There are internet connectivity issues in the system, then your connection might be weak, unreliable, or unstable, which can cause issues in the update process.
  • The Internet Explorer settings might be incorrect or misconfigured, then you are not running the payroll updates with Internet Explorer as the default browser.
  • There are multiple background applications running in the system, which can interrupt the payroll update process in the QB application.
  • You are running the payroll update process in a QB multi-user mode, which can cause issues with the recent updates.
  • Your QuickBooks Desktop installation process might be improper, incomplete, or faulty, and the installation files might be broken, damaged, corrupted, or missing from the main PC.
  • Your QuickBooks program files might not be running correctly, and the files might be broken, damaged, corrupted, or stored in an incorrect folder.

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Detailed Solutions to Successfully Troubleshooting Error Code PS101 in QuickBooks Desktop

To reliably address QB error code PS101, you can use the detailed solutions given below –

Step 1 – Activate the Program Problems Section of the Hub to Mend the QB Application Issues

You can fix the update issues in QB by running the tools & features in the QuickBooks tool hub in the following manner –

  • Download the QuickBooksToolHub.exe setup file and follow the on-screen prompts to install the utility on your system, followed by opening the hub.
  • From the QuickBooks Tool Hub, select the Quick Fix My Program option by going to the Program Problems section and initiate a QB repair process.
  • The tool should detect and fix common application issues. After the tool stops running, you should rerun QuickBooks to initiate the update process and check if the PS series errors have been removed.

Step 2 – Run Windows in Safe Mode to Utilize the Clean Install Utility of the Tool Hub

You can fix the installation issues in QB by using the clean install tool and rerun the update process.

  • Create a company file backup and go to the Run window of the Windows Start menu to access the General section.
  • Select the Selective Startup button and choose the Load System Services option, followed by navigating to the Services tab to select Hide All Microsoft Services.
  • Click Disable All and deselect the Lock Screen, followed by hitting Apply & OK to reinstall QuickBooks by accessing the QuickBooks Tool Hub utility.
  • Run the Clean Install tool, and once the tool detects and fixes the QB installation issues, reinstall QuickBooks and switch back to Windows Normal Mode from the Boot section.

Step 3 – Edit the Windows Firewall Settings from the Advanced Tab to Create QB Rules

You can terminate the QuickBooks PS101 error by modifying the firewall settings and configuring them in the following manner –

  • From the Windows Start menu, search for Windows Firewall and go to the Firewall Settings tab to choose the Advanced Settings option.
  • Locate the Inbound Rules section and right-click on it to select New Rule, followed by pressing the Port button.
  • Hit Next and ensure to checkmark the TCP option to move to the Specific Ports section, and choose the ports pertaining to your QB version.
  • Click Next and press the 'Allow Connection' button to ensure that you mark all the profiles in the next window.
  • Create the rule, name it QBException, and hit Finish to create Outbound Rules in a similar manner for rerunning the updates in QB.

Step 4 – Register the DLL Files by Running the Reboot.bat File as a Windows Admin

You can eliminate update issues in QB payroll by registering the DLL files and running the repair utility.

  • Exit QuickBooks and right-click on the QB Desktop icon to select the Open File Location option and look for the Reboot.bat file.
  • Select the file and right-click on it to choose the Run as Admin button, followed by running the QuickBooks Repair Tool utility.
  • Let the tool turn the command prompt on, and once the tool stops functioning, remove all the QuickBooks or payroll-related files to update them again.

Step 5 – Upgrade QuickBooks to the Latest Version from the Update Section of the Help Tab

You can address issues with the payroll updates by downloading the latest QuickBooks updates in the following manner –

  • Open QuickBooks, go to the Help menu to select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option, and navigate to the Update Now section.
  • Select Get Updates and click on Reset Updates, followed by selecting Download Now to download the recent available QB updates in the system.
  • Once you download the updates, click Install Now to install the upgraded QB version and then run the latest version to initiate the payroll updates from the Employees menu again.

Step 6 – Review the Payroll Subscription Status from the Payroll Service Section of the Employees’ Menu

In case your payroll subscription status is unverified or expired, it can cause issues while running the payroll function correctly.

  • Exit the company files and restart your PC to open QuickBooks and go to the Employees section to choose the My Payroll Service tab.
  • Select Manage Service Key and make sure that the service name is correct, and the service status shows as Active.
  • Hit the Edit button and verify the service key number to check the accuracy; and if the key isn’t correct, enter the correct service key to hit Enter.
  • Select the Open Payroll Setup box and hit Finish to rerun QuickBooks, followed by downloading the latest payroll updates again.

Step 7 – Download the Latest Payroll Tax Tables from the Employees Section to Reupdate QB

You can run the payroll updates again after downloading the latest tax tables to remove the PS error codes.

  • First, restart QuickBooks to go to the Employees menu and locate the Get Payroll Updates option. Then, select it, followed by selecting the Download Payroll Updates button.
  • Change the Tax Table Updates, download the updates, then return to the Employees menu to select the Update QuickBooks Payroll option and verify if it successfully rectifies the PS101 error message.

If neither of these troubleshooting steps work, switch your server PC to single-user mode from the Utilities section of the QuickBooks File menu, and once done, go to the QuickBooks Employees menu to choose the Get Payroll Updates button, and download the recent payroll updates again.


To resolve common update issues in QB, such as QuickBooks Error PS101, you can easily resolve them by using the troubleshooting solutions provided above when running the QB update process. If the error message continues to persist and the update issues remain unresolved, you may need to engage in advanced troubleshooting. For this, you can reach out to our QB support team at +1-855-948-3646 to get immediate guidance with the recurring update issues on priority.

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