Crash Course To Effectively Remove QuickBooks Network Connection Failure

QuickBooks Network Connection Failure: Disruption in linking devices hampers data sharing, impacting workflow & efficiency.

Sep 14, 2023 - 07:53
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Crash Course To Effectively Remove QuickBooks Network Connection Failure
QuickBooks Network Connection Failure

Network connectivity issues can be very frustrating for users as it prevents QB from performing simple functions, like sending e-mails. This scenario can lead to the QuickBooks network connection error message on the screen and can get triggered due to common causes, like insufficient folder permissions or corrupt company files. The error code can occur while trying to access the company file or running the QB updates and needs to be addressed on a priority basis. If you are getting QuickBooks Network Connection Failure, you can follow the detailed solutions given in this article below to eliminate the issue once and for all.

If you are facing connectivity problems while operating QuickBooks, you can utilize the given details to understand and address the error. In case these troubleshooting steps seem time-consuming or you do not want to undertake them on your own, you can reach out to our QB professionals at 1-855-856-0042 to get direct help from our QB technicians.

Common Causes & Triggers Leading to the QuickBooks Encountered a Network Problem Error

If your QuickBooks can’t access the network, the following main reasons & scenarios might be causing the error –

  • Your QuickBooks company files or the directory files might not be running correctly, and these files might be damaged, corrupted, or broken.
  • Windows firewall or an anti-virus application is causing obstructions while trying to communicate with the network, leading to connectivity issues.
  • Your company file might be facing access issues, and you might not have adequate permissions to access the file folder storing the QBW files.
  • The network descriptor file might be missing or accidentally deleted, which is causing issues whiles establishing a secure network.
  • The Internet Explorer settings are incorrect or misconfigured, which is preventing QB from sending the e-mails successfully.
  • You are using an outdated QuickBooks version, and the lack of the latest updates is making it difficult to connect to a reliable network.
  • There are multiple instances of the QuickBooks database server manager in the system, which is causing network issues in QB.
  • Essential services, like the QBCFMonitorService, are not running correctly, and the service might be inactive, disabled, or unresponsive on the server PC.

Common Network Error Messages in QuickBooks Desktop & Their Solutions

The network connection issues can appear in the form of different error messages, which include –

  • You have entered an incorrect e-mail address – this message can be tackled by logging in to the email account using the web browser and checking if the email address and password are entered correctly.
  • Your e-mail server settings are incorrect – you need to check your webmail preferences and edit the settings to resolve this issue.
  • You are not connected to the internet or the Firewall is causing blockages – for this, you need to access the IE browser and open the website to access and configure the internet connection settings.

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Ultimate Solutions to Successfully Dismiss QuickBooks Network Connection Error in E-File/E-Pay

Network connection failure in QuickBooks Desktop can be addressed by using the detailed solutions provided in this article below –

Solution 1 – Run the Tool Features of QB Tool Hub to Mend General Program & Network Issues

The easiest way to rectify the QuickBooks connection has been lost error message is to access the tool hub utility.

  • Firstly, download the QuickBooksToolHub.exe setup file from Intuit’s official website and follow the on-screen steps to install the tool hub, followed by accepting the terms & conditions.
  • Now, open the tool hub and go to the Program Problems tab to select the Quick Fix My Program tool, and let the tool detect and repair common QB issues.
  • Once the tool stops running, go back to the main menu and select the Company File Issues tab to choose the QuickBooks File Doctor utility, followed by hitting Browse.
  • Select the company files you want to repair and hit the Check your File and Network option to run a QBW file repair process.
  • Once the tool finishes, rerun QuickBooks to access the network and check if the connectivity issues in QB are reliably removed.

Solution 2 – Run the SFC Command by Activating the System File Checker Feature from the Start Tab

You can fix the connection issues by scanning the system files for issues with the system file checker utility.

  • From the Windows Start menu, access the search box and type Command to hold the Ctrl + Shift keys, and hit Enter to receive a Permission Dialog Box.
  • Hit Accept and click Yes to let the black window appear, and type SFC/Scannow in the command box to run the scan process by selecting the System File Checker tool.
  • Once the tool has scanned the files for issues, follow the on-screen prompts to repair them and rerun QuickBooks once done.

Solution 3 – Turn Off the Hibernation Mode and Review the Internet Connection Status

If you are running your PC in a power manager mode, you need to activate the normal mode and check the internet connection in the following manner –

  • Access the Control Panel from the Windows Start menu and choose the Power option to hit the Turn Off Stand By, Hibernation, and Sleep Mode option.
  • Next, reopen QuickBooks and go to the File Menu to choose the Internet Connection Setup option, and hit the Use my computer’s Internet connection option.
  • Click Next and Done to save the changes, and try to connect with the network again to check if the connectivity error is dismissed.

Solution 4 – Modify the Firewall Setup to Create New Rules for QB from the Advanced Tab

You can fix the firewall settings to allow QuickBooks without any blockages, leading to a reliable network connection.

  • Go to the Windows Start menu to search Firewall and open the Firewall Settings to hit the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Right-click the Inbound Rules to select the New Rule option for QB and select the TCP option to specify the Local Port in the Port section.
  • Next, repeat these steps to create Outbound Rules for QB, and once done, rerun QuickBooks and connect with the browser to try sending emails again.

Solution 5 – Move the QBW File to a New Location and Access the No Company Open Window

If you are unable to access the current QBW file folder, you can try moving the file to a different location and opening it from there.

  • Create a new folder on your desktop by right-clicking on an empty space and selecting the New and Folder option subsequently.
  • Next, go to the Company File location to right-click the file and hit Copy to paste the file onto the new folder, followed by pressing the Ctrl + Shift keys in QuickBooks to access the No Company Open window.
  • Now, hit the Open or Restore a Company File option and choose Open to hit Next, and access the QBW file to check if the access issues are terminated.

Solution 6 – Configure the Preferences Settings of your Webmail from the Edit Tab

If connection issues emerge while sending an e-mail, you need to toggle the mail preferences.

  • Go to the QB Edit tab and hit the Preferences option to select Send Forms from the left pane.
  • Select your preferred mail account and hit Edit to access the mail info window, followed by going to the SMTP Server Details section.
  • Set the Port and Server Name in the Settings tab, and hit Enter to save the new preference settings for QB.

Solution 7 – Activate the Verify/Rebuild Utility from the Utilities Menu to Resolve the Data Damage

If your essential QB files and data are damaged, you can run the verify/rebuild tool in the following manner –

  • Open QuickBooks, and go to the File menu to select Utilities, and locate & select the Verify Data option to run a file verification process.
  • If the tool identifies some issues with your QB data, go back to the Utilities section to choose the Rebuild Data option, followed by hitting Rebuild Now to mend the data damage and rerun QB.

Solution 8 – Edit the QBW File Name to Adhere to the QuickBooks File Limit

In case your QBW file name contains extra spaces or characters, you need to ensure that the file name is edited as per QuickBooks’ criteria.

  • Exit QuickBooks on your server PC and other workstations and reopen it on the main PC to go to the Company File Folder.
  • Right-click the Company File to hit the Rename option and remove the empty space in-between the characters, and ensure that there are no capital letters, followed by hitting Enter.
  • Next, open the Company File again in QB to check if the file is running correctly and if there are no network issues.


Issues with the network connectivity leading to the QuickBooks Network Connection Failure can be dismissed by using the solutions provided above. In case the connectivity issues persist even after following all the steps, you can reach out to our QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 to get direct help with the same.

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