Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course Complete Guide 2023

Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course Complete Guide 2023

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Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course Complete Guide 2023
RES Course Singapore

RES Course Singapore: Start your real estate career with the RES Course.

The RES Course is the first step in obtaining a real estate license in 2023. Continue reading if you want a comprehensive guide on how to pursue a career in real estate.

As someone who has gone through this road himself, I am aware of how challenging and confusing it may be.

Therefore, I will try my best to break down the journey into useful milestones in this guide and provide what to remember at each one.

RES 2023 Course

The Real Estate Salesperson (RES) Course: What Is It?

All aspiring real estate agents are required to take the RES course in order to get the information and abilities required by the profession.

It makes sense to have a course to train agents for that as the function of a real estate agent is a complex one that requires understanding and adhering to various laws, regulations, and carrying out property transactions properly, among other things.

What are the contents of the RES course?

A thorough RES course will include in-depth understanding of regional legislation, real estate regulations, the buying, selling, and leasing of HDB flats as well as private, residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Singapore, as well as agency work and procedures.

Included in the course's primary goals are:

• Knowledge of real estate ideas, the real estate market, contract and agency law, planning, and marketing principals

• Useful understanding on how to deal with the sale and leasing of residential, commercial, and industrial properties

• Recognize and adhere to pertinent rules, regulations, and industry best practices in real estate agency operations.

• Understand current market information, as well as governmental rules and regulations.

If you look at the RES Course Syllabus breakdown, you might be surprised at how much material is included. You will soon see that it is vitally important, especially given that this information was not included in our regular education.

It is essentially a course for real estate practice certification.

How can I enroll in the RES Course?

Still not deterred? Great! Check to determine whether you fulfill these conditions before getting too enthusiastic and enrolling in the course:

1. Age of at least 21

2. A resident of Singapore or a PR

3. Passing at least 4 GCE 'O' Levels or an equivalent

4. Meets CEA* fit and suitable requirements

* The Council for Estate Agencies is the body in charge of overseeing the land agency sector in Singapore.

Congratulations if you selected yes to all or any of the following questions!

The following step is choosing a CEA Approved Course Provider with whom you will enroll in the course.

I'm sorry to report that your adventure comes to an end if you responded negatively to any of the questions above. If it was the age requirement, however, you may reapply after you turn 21.

Make sure you choose the correct course provider because CEA has made it very clear that only programs offered by CEA Approved Course Providers will be accepted for licensing/registration reasons.

3) Course Fees for RES

Several CEA Approved Course Providers provide courses priced between $700 and $800, as was previously mentioned.

To determine which supplier is giving you the greatest value for your money, do some research and conduct your own comparisons.

Check to see if you qualify because the majority of these courses are eligible for UTAP subsidies and SkillsFuture claims. You'll be able to avoid paying certain out-of-pocket costs.

4) Fees for the RES Exam

The total cost of the RES Exam (Paper 1 and Paper 2) is $417.30. It will cost $235.40 if you have to retake one paper as a result of failing it.

5) Registration fee for real estate salespeople

You must pay $53.50 to sign up as a new salesman. You must also pay the $230 yearly CEA registration costs separately.

6) Other Fees Not Listed

A freshly licensed real estate agent should anticipate spending between $500 and $1000 on various ancillary expenses, including professional indemnity insurance and business admin costs.

Providers of recommended CEA-approved RES Courses (2023)

There are several training facilities, so if you're unsure which RES course provider to choose, this list will be useful.

BenchMark RealPro and Real Centre Network are suggested accommodations for those staying in the city centers!

You should go to Pioneer Training & Consultancy if you dwell in the west.

Go to the Singapore Estate Agents Association if you live in the East Side.

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