Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu: Savory Delights for Events

Discover the mouthwatering Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu for events. Savor the best dishes that leave a lasting impression.

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Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu: Savory Delights for Events
Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu

Embarking on a Culinary Journey: Unveiling the Culinary Wonders of the Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu


When it comes to hearty and flavorful meals, few places can match the charm of Texas Roadhouse. Known for its signature hand-cut steaks, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and irresistible sides, this restaurant has been a favorite among food enthusiasts. While visiting their locations is always a treat, did you know that Texas Roadhouse also offers an exceptional catering menu? Whether you're planning a family gathering, a corporate event, or a special celebration, the Texas Roadhouse catering menu has something to delight every palate.


The Pricing Mysteries of Texas Roadhouse Catering

Texas Roadhouse catering offers their famous juicy meats, savory dishes on the side, and fresh bread as a way to surprise your guests or families. You can make the order online, via call or just get in and choose the tastiest options for your next party.

Favorites menu
Ribeye Steak
(12 oz.)
Ribeye Steak
(14 oz.)
Rib & Chicken Combo
(based on portion size)
Pulled Pork & Chicken Combo
(based on portion size)
Chicken Breast
(Choice of BBQ Sauce or Cream Gravy)
Prime Rib & Chicken Combo
(8 oz. Prime Rib & 4 oz. Chicken)
Oven Roasted Sirloin
(8 oz. portion)
Oven Roasted Sirloin
(6 oz. portion)
 10 Everye Star Attractions: Steaks and Ribs

Indulge in the succulent world of Texas Roadhouse's steaks and ribs. Each cut is expertly seasoned and grilled to perfection, delivering an explosion of flavors with every bite. From the rich marbling of ribeye to the tender tenderness of filet mignon, these meats are the heart of Texan cuisine.

Sides that Complement: A Culinary Harmony

No meal is complete without the right sides. Explore a range of options, from buttery mashed potatoes to crispy seasoned fries. These sides complement the main course and elevate your dining experience.

Finger-Food Frenzy: Appetizers to Remember

Kickstart your event with a burst of flavors through the variety of appetizers offered by Texas Roadhouse. From the legendary Cactus Blossom to the hearty Tater Skins, these finger foods are perfect for sharing and savoring.

Wholesome Salads: Freshness on the Plate

For the health-conscious foodies, the salads on the catering menu bring together freshness and taste. Enjoy a medley of crisp vegetables, flavorful dressings, and toppings that add a delightful crunch to your feast.

Texan Touch in Every Bite: Sandwiches and Burgers

Experience the Texan flair in every sandwich and burger. Juicy and packed with flavor, these handheld delights are a crowd-pleaser, combining savory meats, fresh veggies, and signature sauces.

Texas Roadhouse Kid’s Items

Youngsters in a restaurant Texas Roadhouse is a subject that elicits mixed feelings. Every adult is aware that kids frequently wind up in the most inappropriate situations and at the wrong times. Thus, the establishment's primary goal is to keep the child at the table by keeping him busy, "attaching" him to a certain location, or both. The restaurant's brightly colored menu helps with this endeavor. The children's menu in this restaurant is typically vibrant and colorful and features foods specifically designed for kids.

Regarding restaurant menu design, restaurateurs have an endless supply of creativity. You can order Lil' Dillo Steak Bites, Mini-Cheeseburgers, Grilled Chicken, and All-Beef Hot Dogs here. The parents will be incredibly grateful if they can eat quietly and converse with one another while their child enjoys delicious and lovely meals. Additionally, the restaurant offers a kid-friendly menu! Additionally, you may locate kid-friendly products and meals here. The set comes with milk, various juices, and soft beverages. Green beans, fresh vegetables, and many more wholesome dishes are available in the restaurant for extremely young patrons.

How to order online?

Texas Roadhouse is a restaurant that offers both a Texas Roadhouse order online and a Texas Roadhouse to-go ordering option. In other words, there are three ways to get food from the restaurant: by coming in person, ordering any meal you like, and ordering online through the restaurant's official website. However, there is no denying that whether you order meals online or go, you will receive the best food at a reasonable cost. That is a fantastic offer! Additionally, a wide selection of foods, including steaks, ribs, and hamburgers, are available on the menu for online ordering. There is no issue if you have children because they provide meals that are suitable for them.

You must carry out the following actions to place an online order:

  • Visit the main restaurant’s official website
  • Find a nearby branch.
  • Send your order to the branch via phone.
  • Make arrangements for delivery or order pickup.

Additionally, the restaurant now sells some prepared meals directly to a few specific locations to serve customers in a whole new method.

How to order from Texas Roadhouse catering?

You can find the best catering services at Texas Roadhouse. This restaurant will deliver you absolutely any meal and in safety, you will receive it. Of course, there are many terms and conditions, but they only depend on your needs. You have a good choice namely to hold your event in a restaurant or just order catering service at home. In the second case, you will also get high-quality food at average prices.

We certainly advise you to make your order in advance, as chefs need time for cooking, and if you want to get your order hot, take care of it in advance.

Sweet Temptations: Desserts to Indulge

No meal is truly complete without dessert. Indulge in a variety of sweet treats, from the velvety Chocolate Brownie to the classic Apple Pie. These desserts are the perfect ending note to your feast.

Quenching the Thirst: Beverages and Drinks

Pair your scrumptious meal with a range of refreshing beverages. From sodas and iced tea to lemonade and fruit punches, these drinks keep everyone hydrated and satisfied.

Customizing Your Feast: Platters and Combos

Create your culinary journey by exploring platters and combos. Mix and match different dishes to tailor your menu to your guests' preferences, ensuring an unforgettable event.

A Taste of Texas at Home: Takeout Options

Can't get enough of Texas Roadhouse? Take the flavors home with convenient takeout options. Enjoy the same quality and taste in the comfort of your own space.


1. Can I customize the catering menu according to dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Texas Roadhouse offers customizable options to accommodate various dietary preferences and restrictions. Just inform them when placing your order.

2. Is the catering menu suitable for large events?

Yes, the catering menu is designed to cater to events of all sizes, whether it's a small gathering or a large celebration.

3. Are the meats halal?

While Texas Roadhouse doesn't specialize in halal meats, they do provide a diverse range of options to cater to different dietary needs.

4. Can I order catering online?

Yes, many Texas Roadhouse locations offer online ordering for catering, making it convenient to plan your event.

5. Are the portion sizes generous?

Absolutely! Texas Roadhouse is known for its generous portion sizes, ensuring that your guests won't leave hungry.

6. Can I order alcoholic beverages for catering?

This depends on the location and local regulations. It's best to inquire with the specific Texas Roadhouse branch.

7. How early should I place my catering order?

It's recommended to place your catering order at least 24 to 48 hours in advance to ensure availability.

8. Can I mix different types of meats in the platters?

Certainly! Texas Roadhouse offers platters and combos that allow you to mix and match different meats and dishes according to your preferences.

9. Are vegetarian options available?

Yes, the catering menu includes vegetarian and vegan options to cater to all dietary needs.

10. Is gratuity included in the catering pricing?

Gratuity policies may vary by location. It's a good idea to clarify this when placing your order.


In the realm of catering options, the Texas Roadhouse catering menu stands out as a delectable choice that brings the spirit of Texas cuisine to your events. From tender steaks to mouthwatering ribs, and flavorful sides to irresistible desserts, there's something for everyone to savor. With customization options, generous portion sizes, and a commitment to quality, Texas Roadhouse ensures that your event is not only well-catered but also filled with rich flavors that embody the Texan culinary tradition. So, whether you're planning a corporate luncheon, a family reunion, or any special occasion, consider the Texas Roadhouse catering menu to add a touch of Southern charm to your gathering.

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