Earn $100 per day Using These 4 Effortless Apps

Explore the ultimate guide to earn $100 per day on YouTube without making any videos effortlessly with four powerful apps. Start boosting your income today!

Jul 18, 2023 - 00:56
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Earn $100 per day Using These 4 Effortless Apps
Apps that pay $100 a day

Unlocking apps that pay $100 a day:  The Power of 4 Effortless Apps

In recent times, the online world has witnessed a surge in individuals earning a living through the internet, making it a common and profitable endeavor. The advancement of technology and the internet has led to the creation of numerous applications designed to assist people in making money online.


Foap is a well-known platform that enables you to sell your photos online. By submitting your photos to the Foap website, you can offer them to individuals and companies in need of stock photos for their projects. Once your photos are accepted, you can engage in business transactions. With the potential to sell 20 photos per day through the app, you have the opportunity to earn $100+ daily. Foap offers $5–$10 for each photo sold. To enhance your chances of making sales, it is recommended to submit premium photos that are distinctive and appealing to potential buyers.

To download the Foap application, you can visit the respective app store for your mobile device. Here are the links for downloading the Foap app:

Simply click on the appropriate link based on your device's operating system, and it will direct you to the respective app store for the Foap app download.

Please note that availability may vary based on your location and device compatibility.


Dosh is a cashback application that provides incentives for your regular purchases. When you make orders from authorized merchants, you can receive up to 10% cashback. Additionally, you can earn money by referring your friends to the program. By referring 20 individuals to Dosh, you can earn $100 per day, receiving $5 for each referral.

To download the Dosh application, you can visit the official app stores for your respective mobile device. Here are the links to download the Dosh app:

By clicking on the provided links, you will be directed to the respective app store pages where you can download and install the Dosh app.


 TaskRabbit is a website that connects people in need of assistance with those who can complete various tasks. If you possess skills in housekeeping, handyman work, or even administrative chores, you can join TaskRabbit and start earning money. The app compensates you for each job you accomplish, with payment amounts varying. By completing 4–5 jobs, you can earn $100 per day. To increase your chances of securing jobs, it is advisable to maintain a strong profile with favorable evaluations.

You can download the TaskRabbit application from the official app stores for your mobile device. Here are the links to download the TaskRabbit app:

Simply click on the respective links based on your device's operating system, and it will redirect you to the app store for a secure download of the TaskRabbit application.


Upwork serves as a freelance marketplace, connecting companies and individuals with independent contractors who offer a wide range of services, including writing, web design, and computing. If you possess expertise in any of these fields, you can sign up for Upwork and bid on tasks. Payment is received upon completion of each project, with the amount varying based on the nature of the project. By finishing one or two tasks, you can earn $100 per day. It is recommended to establish a strong profile, gather positive evaluations, and bid on tasks that align with your qualifications to maximize your earnings. Upwork not only allows you to earn money but also helps you develop a portfolio and gain valuable expertise in various fields.


 Rakuten is a cashback program that rewards you for your online transactions. By using the Rakuten app to make purchases at affiliated stores, you can receive up to 40% cashback. Similar to other programs, you can also earn money by referring friends to Rakuten. Referring 4 friends can earn you $100 per day, with $25 provided for each recommendation. With Rakuten, you can shop online, save money on your purchases, and simultaneously earn money.

To download the Rakuten application, you can visit the official app stores for your mobile device. Here are the download links for the Rakuten app:

Simply click on the respective links above or search for "Rakuten" in your device's app store, and you will be directed to the app's page for download.


 Swagbucks is a rewards and cashback app that allows you to earn points by engaging in various activities such as completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and making online purchases. The app also offers cashback for purchases made at authorized stores through Swagbucks. By completing enough tasks and accumulating sufficient Swagbucks, you can easily make $100 per day. Swagbucks provides an opportunity to monetize your everyday activities and earn money during your spare time.

In The End

the concept of generating a consistent income of $100 per day on YouTube without creating any videos has gained attention as an innovative approach to online earnings. Through the use of strategic collaboration with content curation and efficient marketing, people have looked at ways to make use of existing content and connect with their intended public. It is important to keep in mind that although this approach offers a different method of revenue generation, it's not going to ensure long-term sustainability or growth. As the landscape of digital technology continues to evolve, changing and refining strategies is essential. Potential earners need to consider the potential benefits versus ethical considerations as well as the changing nature of digital platforms.

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